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Hey everybody! My name is Scott, and I'm a big fan of the SGU and an aspiring transcriptionist. I look forward to helping get this project ramped up again! I'm also slowly upgrading my regular Wikipedia skills. Here's my userpage over there.

To Do List[edit]

  • update generic formatting for comments like (laughter) (laughs) and [inaudible] (no capitalizations here)
  • select all, copy, paste, find, and replace all [X]: with [X]: to bold all the Rogues' initials in the transcripts, as I have done in my first transcript, SGU Episode 762.
  • italicize all the It's time for "Science or Fiction" voiceovers
  • create "new noisy" subsections in all the WTN sections
  • get admins to add "SoF with a theme" and "What's the Word?" cat. table entries into the episode features subcategory
  • Update the QoW collection table, SGU reading list, Favorite Rogues Quotes, University entries, etc.
  • merge into or create "Signoff/Announcements" sections or just delete "Announcements" sections if it's just the voiceover Outro
  • add wikitionary links to the What's the Word? segments for definitions if it's not good for a wiki link
  • add references next to the external links
  • add a vocab list like the one in Episode 581
  • get admins to move the entries for whole episodes to the end of category topics' lists so that segment redirects can be visible first
  • insert my new Episode Skeleton into all the to-be-created episode pages, including the QoW, News Items, SoF Items, and links
  • create a sortable table for the SGU episode list: sort by episode number, year, status, maybe even by sof theme/interview/live recording...
  • eventually apply my newer skeleton to the older episodes (644 and earlier), ahead of getting to finishing those transcriptions
  • make templates that put a hover note over names dear to the Rogues, like their children and spouses

Questions/Issues to consider[edit]

  • Should Wikilinks be included in the list of SoF items, or only include them in the transcription?

Templates I have made/like to use[edit]

  • A quick-text template for the publication, "Science-Based Medicine": Template:sbm
  • A template for showing a colorful breakdown of the Science or Fiction results, based on a suggestion from user BShirley:

Template:SOFResults is a formatted entry for SoF colored results at the end of each SoF segment.


Template:Episode is the green message box that generates the “Latest Episode”, “Recent Episode” or “Old Episode” message, depending on if the broadcast date is within one week/one year of the current date or not.

  • I also created shortcuts for typing in the number date, written month, and download link in the episode infobox:

Template:Date inserts the appropriate two-letter superscript text for the ordinal abbreviation of the date of the month.


Template:Month inserts the appropriate month name text for the numerical abbreviation of the month.


Template:DownloadLink inserts the appropriate broadcast date into the link for the podcast episode.

  • And these quick-formatting shortcuts:

Template:10tothe inserts the appropriate superscripted number for the power of ten that is said. It makes it a little bit faster as a quick text than typing 10<sup>number</sup>:


Templates to use for quotes and cultural references[edit]


Template:42 creates an in-line link to the Wikipedia subsection about The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference to the answer 42. Useful for when you don't feel like typing out/copy-and-pasting the long link.

{{mostly dead}}

Template:Mostly dead creates an in-line link to the "mostly dead" Wikiquote from The Princess Bride. Useful for when you don't feel like typing out the whole wikiquote link.

In both references above you can see in the markup that I used the templates! Clicking the link to the template in this Wiki will show you just how long the markup text being called is!


I apologize for messing around in the main wiki with some of my recent projects. I'll try to work on them here first!