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Hey everybody! My name is Scott, and I'm a big fan of the SGU and an aspiring transcriptionist. I love being able to help get this project ramped up again! I'm also slowly and intermittently upgrading my regular Wikipedia skills. Here's my userpage over there.

To Do List

  • reformat other "EpisodeList" tables to match updated Episode List 2022
  • add subtitles to all generic "special report"/"special segment" section headers
  • help upload episode icons now that I'm an admin!!
  • investigate Environmentalism page and consider for potential new category?
  • update generic formatting for comments like (laughter) (laughs) and [inaudible] (no capitalizations here)
  • select all, copy, paste, find, and replace all [X]: with [X]: to bold all the Rogues' initials in the transcripts, as I have done in my first transcript, SGU Episode 762.
  • use Template:vo to italicize all the It's time for "Science or Fiction" voice-overs in previous episodes/skeletons
  • create "new noisy" subsections in all the WTN sections
  • Update the QoW collection table, SGU reading list, Favorite Rogues Quotes, University entries, etc.
  • merge into or create "Signoff/Announcements" sections or just delete "Announcements" sections if it's just the voice-over Outro
  • add wikitionary links to the What's the Word? segments for definitions if it's not good for a wiki link
  • add references next to the external links
  • add vocab lists to other episodes like the list in Episode 581
  • start removing generic category tags once I create redirects; eventually it would be good to have ALL the category lists be only redirects, with no links to full episodes, and rather only to their relevant segments
  • insert my new Episode skeleton into all the to-be-created episode pages, including the QoW, News Items, SoF Items, and links
  • eventually apply my newer skeleton to the older episodes (644 and earlier), ahead of getting to finishing those transcriptions
  • use Template:Tooltip to put a hover note over names dear to the Rogues, like their children and spouses
    • Example: Julia
  • possibly create templates called "600s" and "700s" where 600/700|### auto generates individual date, month, and year data so it can be called by the Episode, InfoBox, and DownloadLink templates for currently blank episodes #652-742

Useful links a solid reference for the "How ___ is it" chuckle

Handy tips/formatting things to use

<small><span style="color:grey">(Transcriptionist’s note: ... ...)</span></small>

Use this markup format to add a small note directly into a portion of the transcript; this is different than appending a note to the end of the transcript.

As an example: (Transcriptionist’s note: July 6 was 14 weeks after March 27!) This note is in the Introduction section of SGU Episode 887.

Done List

  • added "SoF with a theme" and "What's the Word?" cat. table entries into the SGU Features area of the Browse by category page
    • also mention other cat. table entries
  • made an icon for the episode skeleton: "SAMPLE" superimposed on ep1 icon
  • created a template called "800s" where 800s|NNN auto generates individual date, month, and year data so it can be called by the Episode, InfoBox, and DownloadLink templates
  • created a template called "900s" where 900s|NNN auto generates individual date, month, and year data so it can be called by the Episode, InfoBox, and DownloadLink templates
  • create a sortable table for the SGU episode list: sort by episode number, year, status, maybe even by sof theme/interview/live recording...
  • added caption field to infobox template to expect captions under episode icons
  • updated colors/borders of Template:MessageBox

Questions/Issues to consider

  • Should Wikilinks be included in the list of SoF items, or only include them in the transcription?

Templates I have made/like to use

Quick Text/Formatting


  • A quick-text template for the publication, "Science-Based Medicine": Template:sbm



Template:SOFResults is a formatted entry for SoF colored results at the end of each SoF segment. See Episode 787's SoF segment, whose SOF Results table looks like this:

Answer Item
Fiction bird beak
Science oldest masks
1b n95s
Host Result
Evan clever
Rogue Guess
bird beak
oldest masks
oldest masks
oldest masks
1b n95s

Episode Messageboxes


Template:Episode is the green message box that generates the “Latest Episode”, “Recent Episode” or “Old Episode” message, depending on if the broadcast date is within one week/one year of the current date or not.

Infobox Shortcuts

  • I also created shortcuts for typing in the number date, written month, and download link in the episode infobox:

Template:Date inserts the appropriate two-letter superscript text for the ordinal abbreviation of the date of the month.


Template:Month inserts the appropriate month name text for the numerical abbreviation of the month.


Template:DownloadLink inserts the appropriate broadcast date into the link for the podcast episode.


Template:10tothe inserts the appropriate superscripted number for the power of ten that is said. It makes it a little bit faster as a quick text than typing 10<sup>number</sup>



  • I created two templates for streamlining links to past and future WTN segments. I'll add some examples soon.

Template:WtnHiddenAnswer inserts into a box a link to the New Noisy segment of the most recent-to-the-episode WTN, with the answer initially collapsed.

Template:WtnAnswer inserts a link to the WTN segment of the future episode that has the answer.

Quotes and cultural references



Template:42 creates an in-line link to the Wikipedia subsection about The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference to the answer 42. Useful for when you don't feel like typing out/copy-and-pasting the long link.

"Mostly Dead"

{{mostly dead}}

Template:Mostly dead and Template:Mostly create an in-line link to the "mostly dead" Wikiquote from the film The Princess Bride. Useful for when you don't feel like typing out the whole wikiquote link.



Template:Guidelines creates an in-line link to the "guidelines" Wikiquote from the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Useful for when you don't feel like typing out the whole wikiquote link.



Template:Phenomen creates an in-line link to the to the Muppets song, "Mahna Mahna". Useful for when you don't feel like typing out the whole link when a Rogue jokingly says "phenomenon/phenomena". Add an 'a', 'A', 'on', or 'On' after the pipe in {{Phenomen|}} to generate (sing-song) phenomena!, (sing-song) Phenomena!, (sing-song) phenomenon!, or (sing-song) Phenomenon!, respectively.



Template:Sand creates an in-line link to an article defending the cringe-worthy flirting of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, with particular attention to his monologue that begins with I don't like sand. (← This is the article, via the template, seen in the markup.)

In each of these references above you can see in the markup to this page that I used the templates. Clicking the link to these templates will show you just how long the markup text being called is!


I apologize for messing around in the main wiki with some of my recent projects. I'll try to work on them here first!