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A Texan Computer Scientist living and working in Houston, Texas.

@bshirley on twitter

I would love to see Extension:SandboxLink added to the wiki, so I wouldn't have to use this page for my personal sandbox.


I have been adding templates to the Templates category, they are all sub categorized which makes them harder to discover. I think categorizing them all improves that. Some of them are not editable by me, however. So here's the list I'm keeping for myself of those.

Template Reference[edit]


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Desirable Template[edit]

For suggested placement at the end of the Science or Fiction section.

After investigation, I suspect this is desirable to implement as an extension. I plan on installing a local wiki and working on that.

|host=Steve <!--- asker of the questions --->
|topic1=whiskers <!--- short word or phrase representing the item --->
|rogue1=Bob <!--- rogues in order of response --->
|answer1=whiskers <!--- guess, using one of the topic's names --->

Would output something like:

Science or Fiction (581)
Steve crushed
Bob whiskers
Jay whiskers
Evan whiskers
Cara whiskers
other topics

Suggested colorings:

Host Colorings
swept #ccffcc all the rogues guessed one of the incorrect items
scattered #ccccff each item was guessed at least once (Steve's preferred result)
mixed #ffffcc some wrong, some right
crushed #ffcccc all the rogues guessed the correct answer
Rogue Colorings
correct #ccffcc correctly selected the fiction item
incorrect #ffcccc selected one of the science items

Template Output

<!--- SOFResults template output --->
!colspan=2|{{anchorencode:SOFResults}}Science or Fiction ({{episode}})
!colspan=2|other topics
|colspan=2 style="text-align:center"|{{topic2}}
|colspan=2 style="text-align:center"|{{topic3}}
<!--- end SOFResults --->