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This template inserts into a box a link to the New Noisy segment of the most recent-to-the-episode WTN, with the answer initially collapsed.


This template is used at the beginning of the Who's that Noisy section of Episode 780:

|episodeNum		=  779
|answer			=  [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfsZ585gTnE&t=39s Golden Gate Bridge's New Sidewalk Railing Slats]<ref name=kqed>[https://www.kqed.org/arts/13881451/the-golden-gate-bridge-sounds-like-a-david-lynch-movie-now KQED: Why the Golden Gate Bridge Is Now a Giant Orange Wheezing Kazoo]</ref>

and produces:

This box links to the New Noisy section of Episode 779, with the answer initially collapsed in case the reader wants to go to the previous episode to see the time stamp of the new Noisy and perhaps listen to or read the Noisy creator's hints/comments or other Rogues' quasi-guesses. Because a reference is used in the actual transcript (see the preview), it shows up in the References section of the Episode 780 transcript.


|episodeNum		=  <!-- episode number for previous Noisy -->
|answer			=  <!-- brief description of answer, perhaps with a link