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This template allows for transcribers to attach a hovering note to some text, perhaps to alert readers to a connection to a previous episode, like the correction made in Episode 829, or to note a name dear to the Rogues, like Julia.

The format is:

{{tooltip|name or text|hovering note about the name or text}}

The above example renders as name or text, with a dotted line under "name or text" and a floating '?' above it to draw attention to the hovering note.

To put a tooltip above a link to another Episode, use the tooltip template after the pipe that follows the link.

The tooltip over the bolded, anchored (#) link in Episode 822 to Episode 829 is formatted:

[[SGU Episode 829#correction|{{tooltip|Wii Shop Channel Theme|correction made in Episode 829}}]]

which renders as Wii Shop Channel Theme.