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About D_Inwood[edit]

I have listened to SGU on and off since around the 150th episode, and have been attending skeptical events in Vancouver, Canada for about the same amount of time. My favourite events are the Skepticamps that seem to happen about once a year here.

I have done some transcriptions in the past, mostly on the Atheism Plus Scribe project where I transcribed several episodes of Radio Freethinker. I also transcribed the Science Resources for Children video on Skepchick.

I grew up in Ontario and moved to British Columbia, where I worked in shipping logistics for about a decade ago. I am currently back at school, studying Sociology at SFU. In my spare time I like play the Descent series of games, watch anime, and work on this website.

My Activity on the Site[edit]

In the last year, I have been focusing on transcribing segments from recent episodes that I enjoy the most, or segments that match up with my personal politics the best. This has meant any Forgotten Superhero of Science that has to do with an overlooked woman, any news item that touches a political issue, and all of the What's the Word segments. I am also adding time stamps for all segments on every episode I look at.

I have gone through every episode from 500 to 601, and transcribed any segment that I found particularly interesting.

Segments that deal with things like gun control or global warming can all be found on the Politics page. All of the segments in episodes 500+ that are listed here were done by me.

I have made a total of about 1500 edits. In January of 2017, I started to get tired of the project. I decided that I needed to either stop and do other things with my life, or at least take a good, long break. I may get back into this in the future. It'll depend on how I feel at the time. I really enjoyed working on it during the last year, and I hope more people get involved in the future.

Useful Links[edit]

Older Activity[edit]

I have created the Science or Fiction stats page, and the table template that goes with it.

I have also created skeletons and summaries for each hour of the SGU 10-Hour Show, and did transcriptions for a couple of interviews toward the end.


I have done the primary transcriptions for:


I have added segment redirects for: