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SGU 10-Hour Show
2nd May 2015
SGU 511 SGU 512
Skeptical Rogues
S: Steven Novella
B: Bob Novella
J: Jay Novella
E: Evan Bernstein

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SGU had a 10 hour live streaming video event. The video is available on YouTube, and the audio is available on Google Drive.

Guests on this show included:

George Hrab, Eugenie Scott, Brian Wecht, Julia Galef, Joseph Shwartz, Rebecca Watson, Dean Cameron, Cara Santa Maria, Joe Novella, Phil Plait, Jocelyn Novella, and Richard Saunders

Due to the length of this event, the transcripts will be split up the same way as the YouTibe videos.

Part 1: Intro, George Hrab interview, What view would you want to have out your window? What Pet Peeve would you eliminate? Slapping Therapy, Who's mind would you read? SGU's historical listernership, Interview with Eugenie Scott begins

Part 2: Interview with Eugenie Scott continues (Kitzmiller decision), Black box tech, Interview with Brian Wecht, 25 years of the Hubble,

Part 3: 25 years of the Hubble continued, Brian Wecht attempts to teach physics equations,

Part 4: New Tesla battery, Podcast patent troll, Horoscopes for your house, Movie review: Planet of the Apes, Julia Galef interview begins

Part 5: Julia Galef interview: Changing your mind and sci-fi, Orthorexia nervosa

Part 6: Interview with Joseph Shwartz: Skeptical activism in Canada, Interview with Rebecca Watson: Rebecca's life after SGU, Interview with Dean Cameron begins

Part 7: Interview with Dean Cameron: Messing with Nigerian scam artists and airport security, Environmentalism and skepticism, Arresting an astronaut, Jay's Science or Fiction (Star Wars themed), Lasers and space junk

Part 8: Interview with Cara Santa Maria: Atheism and Star Wars, Interview with Joe Novella: Energy efficient homes

Part 9: Interview with Joe Novella wraps up, Interview with Phil Plait: EM drive and sci-fi movies, SGU's podcasting award, Interview with Jocelyn Novella (Steve's wife): Woo in psychotherapy, Interview with Richard Saunders: Origami art and Australian skepticism,

Part 10: Interview with Richard Saunders continued, Interview with Phil and Dennis (volunteers on the set), Joshie Berger video: Woo belief on the streets, Pseudoscience winners and losers of the last 10 years, SGU works hard

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