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This page explains how to enter variables into the 'Infobox' template to adjust it for each episode. Infoboxes for 5X5 episodes are explained at Help:5X5 infobox.

SGU Episode 3594
34th February 2024

Transcript Verified Transcript Verified

(brief caption for the episode icon)
SGU 1 SGU 762
Skeptical Rogues
S: Steven Novella
B: Bob Novella
C: Cara Santa Maria
J: Jay Novella
E: Evan Bernstein
JR: James Randi
RW: Richard Wiseman
PP: Phil Plait
Quote of the Week
One sure mark of a fool is to dismiss anything outside his experience
as being impossible.
Farengar Secret-Fire
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Show Notes
Forum Topic


|episodeNum    = 3594
|episodeDate   = 34<sup>th</sup> February 2024
|verified      = y
|episodeIcon   = File:LogoSGU.png
|previous      = 1
|next          = 762
|rebecca       = 
|cara          = y
|bob           = y
|jay           = y
|evan          = y
|perry         = 
|guest1        = JR: {{w|James Randi}}
|guest2        = RW: {{w|Richard Wiseman}}
|guest3        = PP: {{w|Phil Plait}}
|qowText       = quote of the week text
|qowAuthor     = quote of the week author
|downloadLink  =
|forumLink     =

Variable Descriptions[edit]

If the variables shown in blue boxes below are not given values, they do not appear in the infobox.

Variable Description
episodeNum Use the episode number
episodeDate Date of broadcast, as used in show notes
verified Indicates whether the page has been proof-read and verified.

Do not add a value for this variable unless the transcription has been verified by someone other than the original transcriber

episodeIcon Episode icons have been uploaded to this site already, just enter "File:" plus the name of the image used in the episode show notes.

To find the name of the image, right-click (or ctrl-click) on the image in the show notes and select 'View image info', which should show the name or location of the image.

If taking the name from the location, use the text after the final " / ", including ".jpg" or ".png"

previous Number of previous episode for link

Not required. If variable omitted, automatically generates link to previous episode, whether page exists or not

next Number of next episode for link

Not required. If variable omitted, automatically generates link to next episode, whether page exists or not

rebecca, cara, bob, jay, evan & perry Key for transcription. If rogue is absent, remove the appropriate variable
guest1, guest2 & guest3 Key for transcription. Add initials used for guest's speech in transcription and their name. Where possible, add a Wikipedia link.

If no guests, remove variable

downloadLink Link for podcast download, taken from show notes
forumLink Link to episode discussion page on
qowText Skeptical quote of the week, with no quotation marks.

If no quote, remove variable

qowAuthor Author of Skeptical quote of the week. Where possible, add a Wikipedia link.

If no quote, remove variable