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This page explains how to enter variables into the '5X5 infobox' template to adjust it for each episode. Infoboxes for full SGU episodes are explained at Help:Episode infobox.

5X5 Episode 2
Ghost Photographs
13th January 2008

Transcript Verified Transcript Verified

5X5 1 5X5 3
Skeptical Rogues
S: Steven Novella
R: Rebecca Watson
B: Bob Novella
J: Jay Novella
E: Evan Bernstein
PP: Phil Plait
PG: Pamela Gay
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Show Notes
Forum Topic


{{5X5 infobox
|episodeNum     = 2
|Contents       = Ghost Photographs
|verified       = y
|episodeDate    = 13<sup>th</sup> January 2008
|previous       = 1
|next           = 3
|rebecca        = y
|bob            = y
|jay            = y
|evan           = y
|guest1         = PP: {{w|Phil Plait}}
|guest2         = PG: {{w|Pamela L. Gay|Pamela Gay}}
|downloadLink   =
|forumLink      =,7708.0.html

Variable Descriptions[edit]

If the variables shown in blue boxes below are not given values, they do not appear in the infobox.

Variable Description
episodeNum Use the episode number
Contents Title or topic of episode taken from contents entry in SGU 5X5 archive

Not necessarily copied verbatim, shortened to 1 or 2 lines where necessary

episodeDate Date of broadcast, as used in show notes
verified Indicates whether the page has been proof-read and verified.

Do not add a value for this variable unless the transcription has been verified by someone other than the original transcriber

previous Number of previous episode for link

Not required. If variable omitted, automatically generates link to previous episode, whether page exists or not

next Number of next episode for link

Not required. If variable omitted, automatically generates link to next episode, whether page exists or not

rebecca, bob, jay & evan Key for transcription. If rogue is absent, remove the appropriate variable
guest1, guest2 Key for transcription. Add initials used for guest's speech in transcription and their name. Where possible, add a Wikipedia link.

If no guests, remove variable

downloadLink Link to podcast download, taken from show notes
forumLink Link to episode discussion page on