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  Emblem-pen.png This episode is in the middle of being transcribed (as of {{{date}}}).

To avoid duplication, please do not transcribe this episode while this message is displayed.


Include this template when you wish to transcribe an entire episode so that other people know it is being worked on, and the date it was claimed.

Please note that if the transcription page is not edited for a long period, this template may be removed by admin and made available to other contributors.

To indicate that you're working on a single section of an episode, please use Template:Transcribing.


The date on which the page was claimed must be added:

  • date – date at which page was claimed

Additional options:

  • transcriber – your username


{{Transcribing all
|date        = 2013-09-07
|transcriber =  Teleuteskitty


{{Transcribing all
|date        =
|transcriber =