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|style="width: 120px;border: 1px solid #E8E8ED;vertical-align: top"|


[[:Category:{{{category}}}| {{{category}}}]]


This is a simplified way to add formatted entries to the Browse Categories page. It includes the icon, category, the text used for the link to the category page, and the number of members in that category.

For a list of categories, see Special:Categories.


There are 3 variables:

  • icon – full filename of picture to use as category icon
  • category – category name
  • categoryLabel – optional text that appears as the category link. If omitted, the category name is used. Including this variable is useful when you wish to include a line break or use alternative text for a link to a category page.


{{Cat. table entry
|icon          = CatIcon energy.png
|category      = Energy Healing
|categoryLabel = Alt med:<br>Energy Healing


{{Cat. table entry
|icon           = 
|category       = 
|categoryLabel  =