SGU transcription competition 1

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  • This competition has now been won! Congratulations to Geneocide. Here's a photo of him wearing his SGU t-shirt:
Contest Winner.jpg

The terms of competition 1 were:

Be the first to transcribe 5 SGU episodes (or 400 podcast minutes) and win an SGU t-shirt!

As announced on episode 378, the Rogues will bestow an SGU t-shirt of your choice upon the first contributor to complete 5 full SGU episodes.

To include as much transcription work as possible and encourage work in segment sized chunks, we've put the benchmark at 400 minutes of transcribed podcast time, so you can make up your total from as many different segments as you like. Once you think you've transcribed your 400 minutes, send us an email us at The admins (who are self-sacrificingly excluded from the competition) will verify the contributions (we're keeping track of them right now), and pass the winner's details on to the Rogues at the SGU.

The shortest single contribution accepted will be a 5x5 episode or a full segment - as defined by the headings in the episode's show notes. See Help:Getting Started for advice on setting up transcription pages, and don't forget to include your segment time-stamps! We're watching out for copy-pasting and will always award the minutes to the original contributor.

If you have any further questions, please contact