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SGU Episode 971
February 17th 2024
971 FCC.jpeg

"The Future Circular Collider (FCC) study has looked into various collider designs, envisaging a research infrastructure housed within a 100km underground tunnel. This ambitious project is promising a physics program that will take high energy research into the next century." [1]

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Skeptical Rogues
S: Steven Novella

B: Bob Novella

J: Jay Novella

E: Evan Bernstein

Quote of the Week

Starving brains can hallucinate, but even well-fed minds can convince themselves they feel something that simply isn't there.

Jonathan Jarry, Canadian science communicator

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Show Notes
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Introduction, Pennsylvania and Lent[edit]

Voice-over: You're listening to the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, your escape to reality.

George's concert; D&D (3:40)[edit]

Quickie with Bob: Metalenses (10:05)[edit]

News Items[edit]






(laughs) (laughter) (applause) [inaudible]

Flow Batteries (12:17)[edit]

Green Roofs (31:48)[edit]

LEGO MRI Scanner (42:16)[edit]

The LEGO Foundation has announced it will donate 600 LEGO® MRI Scanners to hospitals worldwide to help children cope with the uncertainty of having a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan. (Click/tap image for article.) [7]

Video: We're bringing play to hospitals with LEGO® MRI scanners

Mayo Clinic and Reiki (49:25)[edit]

  • Mayo Clinic Promotes Reiki[9]
     (Note: Mayo Clinic Press quickly took down the article "My journey from energy work skeptic to Reiki practitioner", even before it could be archived online)

The Circular Collider (1:03:44)[edit] in meatballs...

Who's That Noisy? (1:18:34)[edit]

Answer to previous Noisy:
Adobe Podcast AI Speech Enhancer's attempt to make speech from intro to 1928 recording of Stack O' Lee Blues by Mississippi John Hurt

New Noisy (1:26:13)[edit]

[whopping, laser-like shots/wobbling sounds]

J:...what this week's Noisy is

Announcements (1:26:54)[edit]

...thousandth episode

Name That Logical Fallacy (1:30:24)[edit]

  • Gambler's Fallacy & Regression to the Mean


Science or Fiction (1:36:55)[edit]

Item #1: A recent study shows that older adults are more vulnerable to first impressions of trustworthiness even in the face of contradictory evidence.[10]
Item #2: A machine learning analysis correlating road features with accident frequency finds that the most predictive variable for high crash risk is the presence of distracting billboards and other advertisements.[11]
Item #3: Researchers find that short and simple corrective statements on social media help readers identify false information.[12]

Answer Item
Fiction Billboards = highest crash risk
Science Elderly more vulnerable
Corrective statements
Host Result
Steve clever
Rogue Guess
Corrective statements
Billboards = highest crash risk
Elderly more vulnerable
Billboards = highest crash risk

Voice-over: It's time for Science or Fiction.

Evan's Response

Bob's Response

Jay's Response

George's Response

Steve Explains Item #1[edit]

Steve Explains Item #2[edit]

Steve Explains Item #3[edit]

Trusting the data in Bethlehem, PA (1:54:34)[edit]

Skeptical Quote of the Week (1:59:06)[edit]

Starving brains can hallucinate, but even well-fed minds can convince themselves they can feel something which simply isn't there.

 – Jonathan Jarry, Canadian science communicator, McGill University Office for Science and Society 


S: —and until next week, this is your Skeptics' Guide to the Universe.

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Today I Learned[edit]

  • Fact/Description, possibly with an article reference[13]
  • Fact/Description
  • Fact/Description


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