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SGU Episode 939
July 8th 2023
939 Cannabal Hominid.jpg

"A recent study offered the “oldest decisive evidence” that our ancient hominid ancestors ate one another. But the field has a long history of overstating such claims, other scientists note." [1]

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Skeptical Rogues
S: Steven Novella

B: Bob Novella

C: Cara Santa Maria

J: Jay Novella

E: Evan Bernstein

Quote of the Week

It is a bad plan that admits of no modification.

Publilius Syrus, Latin writer from Antioch

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Introduction, Hottest day, Meaning of life[edit]

Voice-over: You're listening to the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, your escape to reality.

Quickie with Bob (11:55)[edit]

  • [url_from_show_notes _article_title_][2] (Note: this article is not from the SGU show notes page)

News Items[edit]






(laughs) (laughter) (applause) [inaudible]

Activity Good for Quality of Life (15:19)[edit]

Hominid Cannibals (25:19)[edit]

Aspartame and Cancer (33:53)[edit]

FAA Approves Flying Car (46:52)[edit]


Neutrino Image of Milky Way (1:04:12)[edit]

Who's That Noisy? (1:13:01)[edit]

New Noisy (1:15:51)[edit]


... what that noisy is

Announcements (1:16:32)[edit]


Email #1: Politicization of skeptical topics (1:18:41)[edit]

Followup #1: Titan submersible failure (1:26:54)[edit]

Followup #2: Canada's forest management (1:28:19)[edit]


Science or Fiction (1:32:58)[edit]

Item #1: A recent review of data finds that maternal mortality rate more than doubled in the US between 1999 and 2019 in every racial and ethnic group.[7]
Item #2: Astronomers observing distant quasars find that time in the early universe flowed 5 times slower than it does today.[8]
Item #3: A study involving bacterial cells with a minimized genome, in which every gene is deemed essential, revealed a dramatically reduced rate of evolutionary adaptation to stressed environments.[9]

Answer Item
Fiction Cells w/ minimized genome
Science US maternal mortality rate
Universe flowed 5x slower
Host Result
Steve win
Rogue Guess
US maternal mortality rate
Cells w/ minimized genome
US maternal mortality rate
Cells w/ minimized genome

Voice-over: It's time for Science or Fiction.

Jay's Response[edit]

Evan's Response[edit]

Cara's Response[edit]

Bob's Response[edit]

Steve Explains Item #2[edit]

Steve Explains Item #1[edit]

Steve Explains Item #3[edit]

Skeptical Quote of the Week (1:50:35)[edit]

It is a bad plan that admits of no modification.

Publilius Syrus (85–43 BC), Latin writer from Antioch


S: —and until next week, this is your Skeptics' Guide to the Universe.

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Today I Learned[edit]

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