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SGU Episode 661
March 10th 2018
661 sensor technology.png

Researchers have found a way to let a driverless car "see" around a corner, using a technique similar to LIDAR.

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Skeptical Rogues
S: Steven Novella

B: Bob Novella

C: Cara Santa Maria

J: Jay Novella

Quote of the Week

The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.

Christopher Hitchens, American-British author

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Introduction, Rogues' first book, Live stream, Patreon[edit]

Voice-over: You're listening to the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, your escape to reality.

What's the Word? (7:43)[edit]

  • Heritable vs. inheritable [v 1]


News Items[edit]






(laughs) (laughter) (applause) [inaudible]

Not too many too soon (17:03)[edit]

Lab Grown Meat (32:24)[edit]

Seeing Around Corners (43:35)[edit]


Opioids No Better (50:28)[edit]

Who's That Noisy? (1:07:37)[edit]

New Noisy (1:11:24)[edit]

[Whooshes and tearing/burning sounds]



Science or Fiction (1:12:04)[edit]

Item #1: A new study finds that couples have a highly accurate sense of when their partner is sad or depressed.[5]
Item #2: A newly published forensic analysis concludes that bones found on Nikumaroro island are very likely those of Amelia Earhart.[6]
Item #3: A new genetic analysis suggests that oxygenic photosynthesis evolved a billion years earlier than thought, near the beginning of life about 3.6 billion years ago.[7]

Answer Item
Fiction Couples' sense
Science Earhart's bones
Oxygenic photosynthesis
Host Result
Steve swept
Rogue Guess
Couples' sense
Couples' sense
Couples' sense

Voice-over: It's time for Science or Fiction.

Bob's Response[edit]

Cara's Response[edit]

Jay's Response[edit]

Steve Explains Item #3[edit]

Steve Explains Item #2[edit]

Steve Explains Item #1[edit]

Announcements (1:29:03)[edit]

  • Patron update

Skeptical Quote of the Week (1:30:27)[edit]

The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.
Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011), American-British author, from his 2001 book, Letters to a Young Contrarian


S: —and until next week, this is your Skeptics' Guide to the Universe.

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Today I Learned[edit]

  • Fact/Description, possibly with an article reference[8]
  • Fact/Description
  • Fact/Description




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