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SGU Episode 489
November 22nd 2014
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Skeptical Rogues
S: Steven Novella

B: Bob Novella

R: Rebecca Watson

J: Jay Novella

E: Evan Bernstein

Quote of the Week

The voice of reason is small, but very persistent.

Sigmund Freud memorial

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  • Down under tour

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This Day in Skepticism (1:03)[edit]

Special (7:00)[edit]

(Commercial at 40:17)

News Items[edit]

Landing on a Comet (41:47)[edit]

Feeling of Presence (44:46)[edit]

Doubting the Higgs (51:04)[edit]

Food Babe Nonsense (56:03)[edit]

Who's That Noisy (1:06:26)[edit]

  • Answer to last week: Penguins

Announcement (1:07:48)[edit]

  • Year End Wrap Up

(Commercial at 1:08:24)

Science or Fiction (1:10:01)[edit]

Item #1: New research indicates that a stimulant drug, modafinil, enhances cognitive performance for those at the low end of the spectrum, but impairs performance for healthy individuals. Item #2: The USDA has approved a new genetically modified potato that has 40% of the calories of existing cultivars typically used for chips and fries. Item #3: New research in mice finds an association between the type of bacteria found in the gut and the presence of mental behaviors suggestive of anxiety, depression, and autism.

Skeptical Quote of the Week (1:23:15)[edit]

“The voice of reason is small, but very persistent.” - Sigmund Freud memorial

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