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SGU Episode 313
July 13th 2011
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Skeptical Rogues
S: Steven Novella
R: Rebecca Watson
B: Bob Novella
J: Jay Novella
E: Evan Bernstein

Quote of the Week
'When you know the answer you want, it is often all too easy to figure out a way of getting it.'
Brian Greene
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You're listening to the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, your escape to reality.

This Day in Skepticism ()[edit]

  • July 13, 1945: the first atomic bomb was exploded at Los Alamos, New Mexico.

News Items ()[edit]

Hypnotized to Death ()[edit]

Color of Extinct Birds ()[edit]

Magnetic Microprocessors ()[edit]

Twintuition ()[edit]

Who's That Noisy ()[edit]

  • Answer to Last Week: Louis Theroux

Questions and Emails ()[edit]

Question #1 - New Creationist Argument ()[edit]

Chalk up another obsessed listener to you great show. It has been my entrypoint into organized scepticism although I consider myself a sceptic for 15 of my thirty years. At a barbecue this weekend I came across a yet unheard argument in favour of young earth creationism. If my memory serves me well I didn't hear that one treated on your show yet. Maybe you like to mention it. So my friend told me after referring to the Glen rose formation / Paluxy river tracks told me that if humans and men didn't live together on earth why are there so many legends about dragons or similar beings in cultures around the globe? I was able to put to rest the Paluxy River tracks argument with a quick Google search. Even most creationists accepted the scientific explanation by now. But I didn't find much trustworthy information about the dragon argument. Please please please continue the excelent work! May you spread scepticism another 50 years at least, the world needs you. Regards, Martin TÃnnishoff Karlsruhe / Germany

Interview with Matthew Chapman ()[edit]

Science or Fiction ()[edit]

Item #1: George W. Bush quotes 'The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur.' Item #2: 'We need an energy bill that encourages consumption.'[

Item #3]: 'Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?'[
Item #4]: 'I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.'== Skeptical Quote of the Week () ==
'When you know the answer you want, it is often all too easy to figure out a way of getting it.' ~Brian Greene

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