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Listed below are all of the What's the Word segments from episodes 531-617.
The links below lead to the episodes and WTW segments that talk about the word. Titles shown in ''italics'' link straight to What's the Word? segments, with the episode number given in parentheses.
{{tick}} means transcription is complete and proofread. <br> {{mag}} means it has been transcribed, but not proofread.  <br> {{Open}} means no transcription is available yet. <br>
*[[SGU Episode_617#What.27s_the_Word_.284:04.29|Exaptation (617)]] {{mag}} – ''An organ that has a function that is not what it was originally evolved for''
*[[SGU Episode_607#What.27s_The_Word_.2858:32.29|Pathology (607)]] {{mag}} – ''The nature of a disease, or the study of the nature of a disease.''
*[[SGU Episode_605#What.27s_the_Word_.2811:50.29|Impedance (605)]] {{mag}} – ''The effective resistance of an electric circuit to alternating current''
*[[SGU Episode_601#What.27s_the_Word_.281:14.29|Parallax (601)]] {{mag}} – ''Apparent movement against a background as an observer moves''
*[[SGU Episode_597#What.27s_the_Word_.2845:58.29|In Situ (597)]] {{mag}} – ''Being in its original position or place''
*[[SGU Episode_596#What.27s_the_Word_.289:58.29|Phylogenetic (596)]] {{mag}} – ''The evolutionary history of a species''
*[[SGU Episode_595#What.27s_The_Word_.2858:54.29|Endemic (595)]] {{mag}} – ''Restricted to a particular region''
*[[SGU Episode_594#What.27s_the_Word_.284:42.29|Autopoiesis(594)]] {{mag}} – ''A system that is self-regulating ''
*[[SGU Episode_594#What.27s_the_Word_.284:42.29|Autological (594)]] {{mag}} – ''A word that describes itself''
*[[SGU_Episode_593#What.27s_the_Word.3F_.2849:35.29|Isotropy (593)]] {{mag}}
*[[SGU Episode_592#What.27s_the_Word_.281:55.29|Xerophile (592)]] {{mag}} – ''An organism that thrives in dry environments''
*[[SGU Episode_591#What.27s_the_Word_.288:35.29|Relict (591)]] {{mag}} – ''Something that has survived from an earlier period of time''
*[[SGU Episode_589#What.27s_the_Word_.281:02:45.29|Taphonomy (589)]] {{mag}} – ''The study of fossilization''
*[[SGU Episode_588#What.27s_the_Word_.287:59.29|Autophagy (588)]] {{mag}} – ''The self-digestion of a cell's organelles''
*[[SGU Episode_587#What.27s_the_Word_.2858:29.29|Ultracrepidarian (587)]] {{mag}} – ''One who expresses opinions outside their area of expertise''
*[[SGU Episode_586#What.27s_the_Word_.2816:18.29|Apophenia (586)]] {{mag}} – ''Perceiving a connection between random things''
*[[SGU Episode_585#What.27s_the_Word_.2857:10.29|Superfecundation (585)]] {{mag}} – ''Successive fertilization of multiple ova from the same ovulation''
*[[SGU Episode_584#What.27s_the_Word_.281:01:04.29|Comorbidity (584)]] {{mag}} – ''Multiple simultaneous diagnoses''
*[[SGU Episode_583#What.27s_the_Word_.2847:01.29|Thanatosis (583)]] {{mag}} – ''When an animal plays dead''
*[[SGU Episode_582#What.27s_the_Word_.2845:41.29|Glycolysis (582)]] {{mag}} – ''The metabolic pathway that breaks down glucose''
*[[SGU Episode_581#What.27s_the_Word_.283:32.29|Inquiline (581)]] {{mag}} – ''An animal that exploits the living space of another species''
*[[SGU Episode_580#What.27s_the_Word_.2846:41.29|Flocculation (580)]] {{mag}} – ''The production of fluffy masses from a colloidal suspension''
*[[SGU Episode_579#What.27s_the_Word:_Hypnagogia_.289:00.29|Hypnagogia (579)]] {{mag}} – ''The state of drowsiness that immediately preceeds sleep''
*[[SGU Episode_578#What.27s_the_Word:_Mondegreen_.2841:20.29|Mondegreen (578)]] {{mag}} – ''Word / phrase resulting from a mishearing of something that was said or sung''
*[[SGU Episode_577#What.27s_the_Word_.282:04.29|Neoteny (577)]] {{mag}} – ''Retention of juvenile characteristics in adult individuals of a species''
*[[SGU Episode_576#What.27s_the_Word_.2847:28.29|Estivation (576)]] {{mag}} – ''Entering a dormant state when in a hot, dry environment''
*[[SGU Episode_575#What.27s_the_Word_.289:19.29|Apoptosis (575)]] {{mag}} – ''Programmed cell death''
*[[SGU Episode_574#What.27s_the_Word_.2854:56.29|Paroxysmal (574)]] {{mag}} – '' Relating to a sudden fit, or attack during illness''
*[[SGU Episode_573#What.27s_the_Word_.281:27.29|Alluvium (573)]] {{mag}} – ''Clay or silt that's deposited by running water''
*[[SGU Episode_572#What.27s_the_Word_.2835:20.29|Crepuscular (572)]] {{mag}} – ''Of, relating to, or resembling twilight''
*[[SGU Episode_571#What.27s_the_Word_.281:00:39.29|Eschatology (571)]] {{mag}} – ''In theology, the final destiny of the soul, and of mankind''
*[[SGU Episode_570#What.27s_the_Word_.282:28.29|Iatrogenic (570)]] {{mag}} – ''An infection or injury produced inadvertently by a physician''
*[[SGU Episode_569#What.27s_the_Word_.281:01:41.29|Cauliflory (569)]] {{mag}} – ''Production of flowers or fruits directly from the branches or trunks of plants''
*[[SGU Episode_568#What.27s_the_Word_.2814:34.29|Autotomy (568)]] {{mag}} – ''The reflexive separation of an appendage, or other part of the body''
*[[SGU Episode_567#What.27s_the_Word_.2825:28.29|Group animal names (589)]] {{mag}} – ''An obstinacy of buffalo, etc''
*[[SGU Episode_566#What.27s_the_Word_.281:00:25.29|Amphidromic (566)]] {{mag}} – ''A point where there's almost zero tides''
*[[SGU Episode_565#What.27s_the_Word_.284:43.29|Propaganda (565)]] {{mag}} – ''Spreading ideas to promote an institution''
*[[SGU Episode_564#What.27s_the_Word_.2839:20.29|Hyperthymesia (564)]] {{mag}} – ''Extremely efficacious autobiographical memory''
*[[SGU Episode_563#What.27s_the_Word_.280:25.29|Geodesic (563)]] {{mag}} – ''The shortest distance between two points''
*[[SGU Episode_562#What.27s_the_Word_.283:37.29|Homophily (562)]] {{mag}} – ''The theory that people tend to form connections with others who are similar to them''
*[[SGU Episode_561#What.27s_the_Word_.283:17.29|Foreign words that lack English equivalents (561)]] {{mag}}
*[[SGU Episode_560#What.27s_the_Word_.281:04:05.29|Chemiosmosis (560)]] {{mag}} – ''Turning ADP into ATP in mitochondria''
*[[SGU Episode_559#What.27s_the_Word_.284:26.29|Equilux (559)]] {{mag}} – ''The day in which the length of dark and light are equal''
*[[SGU Episode_558#What.27s_the_Word_.2840:46.29|Sciolism (558)]] {{mag}} – ''Opinionating on subjects of which one only has superficial knowledge''
*[[SGU Episode_557#What.27s_the_Word_.281:15.29|Thixotropy  (557)]] {{mag}} – ''A property where shaking a substance thins it out''
*[[SGU Episode_553#What.27s_the_Word_.285:00.29|Pleochroism  (553)]] {{mag}} – ''The way crystals show different colors when viewed from different directions''
*[[SGU Episode_552#What.27s_the_Word_.2851:07.29|Epistasis (552)]] {{mag}} – ''When combined genes have a dominant effect over other combinations''
*[[SGU Episode_551#What.27s_the_Word_.281:14.29|Words from science fiction (551)]] {{mag}} – ''Robotics, for example''
*[[SGU Episode_550#What.27s_the_Word_.2844:09.29|Agnatology (550)]] {{mag}} – '' The study of willful acts to spread confusion''
*[[SGU Episode_549#What.27s_the_Word_.283:21.29|Algorithm (549)]] {{mag}} – ''A set of prescribed rules for solving a problem''
*[[SGU Episode_548#What.27s_the_Word_.2841:55.29|Fugacity (548)]] {{mag}} – '' The pressure of a hypothetical ideal gas that would correspond to the real gas as it exists at a given temperature, pressure, and composition''
*[[SGU Episode_547#What.27s_the_Word_.2858:23.29|Obligate (547)]] {{mag}} – ''A creature that is restricted to one characteristic mode of life''
*[[SGU Episode_544#What.27s_The_Word_.2844:25.29|Consilience (544)]] {{mag}} – '' Linking together principles from different disciplines to form a theory''
*[[SGU Episode_543#What.27s_the_Word_.284:28.29|Hysteresis (543)]] {{mag}} – ''The lag in a variable property of a system with respect to the effect producing it as this effect varies''
*[[SGU Episode_542#What.27s_the_Word_.282:09.29|Homeostasis (542)]] {{mag}} – ''The maintenance of internal stability in a system or organism''
*[[SGU Episode_541#What.27s_the_Word_.2847:16.29|Albedo (541)]] {{mag}} – ''The intensity of light that's reflected from an object''
*[[SGU Episode_540#What.27s_the_Word_.283:02.29|Formication (540)]] {{mag}} – ''The feeling that insects are crawling all over your skin''
*[[SGU Episode_539#What.27s_the_Word_.2858:41.29|Indolent (539)]] {{mag}} – ''Causing little or no pain, inactive, or relatively benign''
*[[SGU Episode_538#What.27s_the_Word_.2839:51.29|Canonical (538)]] {{mag}} – ''According to recognized rules or scientific laws''
*[[SGU Episode_534#What.27s_the_Word_.2850:21.29|Isograd (534)]] {{mag}} – ''A line connecting points on the Earth where metamorphism of rocks occurred under the same conditions''
*[[SGU Episode_533#What.27s_the_Word_.2849:26.29|Efferent (533)]] {{mag}} – ''A body part that projects outward''
*[[SGU Episode_532#What.27s_the_Word_.2850:59.29|Anosmia (532)]] {{mag}} – ''The loss of the sense of smell''
*[[SGU Episode_531#What.27s_the_Word_.2859:44.29|Stochastic (531)]] {{mag}} – ''A process that is a random in the particulars, but is statistical in the aggregate''
== Trivia ==
* The longest What's the Word segment was 9 minutes and 55 seconds long, in episode 543
* The shortest was a tie at 1 minute and 50 seconds in episodes 534 and 558
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[[Category:Episode features]]

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The links below lead to the episodes and WTW segments that talk about the word. Titles shown in italics link straight to What's the Word? segments, with the episode number given in parentheses.

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