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  2013   (episodes 390-...)   
Episode # Date Status Description
426 Sep 14 Open for transcription 9/11, Motivated Numeracy, Arctic Ice, Robot Traders, Teenage Exorcists, Homeopathic Vaccines, Mission to Mars, Bdellovibrio
425 Sep 7 Open for transcription Last Thylacine, NASA Spiders, Chicken Wings and Penis Size, TCM for Flu, New Element 115, Pox Parties, Aromatherapy
424 Aug 31 Open for transcription Cara Santa Maria, Paul Ehrlich, Energized Water, Probiotics for Mental Health, Death by Iridology, Immortality, Authority
423 Aug 24 Open for transcription Sanal Edamaruku, Vesuvius, No Proof of Creation, Area 51, Hydrating Beer, Indian Rationalist Shot Dead, Free Roaming Planets, Sugar and Hyperactivity
422 Aug 17 Open for transcription Hazel Bishop, NDE Explained, TV Watching, Labor and Autism, Magenta Planet, Spontaneous Baby Combustion, Special Report: Onionated
421 Aug 10 Open for transcription Michael Mann, Smithsonian, Dead Monk Alive, Lab Grown Burger, Dolphin Memory, Cattle Mutilations, Gluten Follow Up, HPV Vaccine
420 Aug 3 Open for transcription Robert House, Hunt for Alien Spaceships, 3-D Printing, Lunar Calendar, Full Moon and Sleep, Man-Chimp-Pig
419 Jul 27 Open for transcription Insulin, Giant Virus, Gluten, Death Wave, The Pitch Drops, Revenge of the Conspiracy Theorists. Cassini Picture of Earth
418 Jul 20 Open for transcription Live at TAM 2013, Guest Rogue: John Rennie, Viking 1, Special Report: Grand Canyon, The End of the World, Sailing Stones, Scrotal Evolution, Moons of Pluto, James Randi and Jamy Ian Swiss, Questions: Cynicism, Monsanto
417 Jul 13 Open for transcription Paul Offit, Carl Zimmer and Erno Rubik, Seeing Through Walls, First in Flight, Tylenol and Fear, Spinning Pharoah, Head Transplant
416 Jul 6 Open for transcription Guest Rogue: Randall Snyder, Pasteur, Special Report: Leaving Mormonism, Crop Circles in History, Constructing Morality, Movie Review: World War Z, Patent Troll Follow Up
415 Jun 29 Open for transcription Roy Wolford, Podcasting Patent, Class System in Mice, Anti-GMO Pseudoscience, Skunk Ape, Special Report: GyroStim and Science Journalism, Staticman
414 Jun 22 Open for transcription Daniel Loxton, Osteoarthritis, Patenting DNA, Foot Fungus, Chinese Fake Alien, New Type of Star, Can We Know Everything
413 Jun 15 Open for transcription First Blood Transfusion, Vaccine Refusal, Seeing Ultraviolet, Ape Feet, Elizabeth I a Man?, Special Report: Don McLeroy Follow Up, Living on Sunshine
412 Jun 8 Open for transcription Joshie Berger, Missile Mail, Star Trek Review, Kepler Broken, Small Hadron Collider, Carnivorous Sponge, Pollen
411 Jun 1 Ready for proofreading Vijay Dewan and Scott Thurman, Cosmic Background Radiation, Mermaids, Angelina Jolie, Prosopagnosia, Flying Car, Raw Honey
410 May 25 Transcript Verified Guest Rogue: Richard Saunders, Geek Pride Day, McCormick Sentenced, Meteroid Hits Moon, DSM-5, Placenta Madness, Water Heater Followup, McLeroy Interview
409 May 18 Open for transcription Heather Berlin, Nicholas II, Your Senses in Space, Talking Plants, Flowing Glass, Book Review: Ender's Game, Water Heaters, Atacama Specimen
408 May 11 Open for transcription Don McLeroy, Sylvia Browne Wrong Again, Cosmic Rays and Lightening, Cicada Return
407 May 4 Open for transcription Mystery Guest, SGU 8 year Anniversary, Funding Science, Curse Scam, Fusion Reactor, Einstein Still Correct, Oblivion Review, Is SETI Science
406 April 27 Ready for proofreading Samuel Morse, Mars One, Bomb Detector Fraud, TED and Chopra, Creationism and Dinosaurs, Bitcoin Follow Up
405 April 20 Open for transcription Guest Rogues: Jon Ronson and Simon Singh, Sundogs, Simon Singh's New Book, Bitcoins, Internet Criminals, BRAIN Project, Evidence of Dark Matter, Hallucinating Music
404 April 13 Open for transcription Live at NECSS 2013, Guest Rogue: Cathleen Carr, Apollo 13, Remembering Perry, Conspiracy Survey, Misused Scientific Terms, New Type of Supernova, Vaccines Make You Gay, Anti-Vaccine Propaganda on Twitter, Live Q&A: Effects of Alcohol, Online Health Inform
403 April 6 Ready for proofreading Ian O'Neill, Isaac Asimov, Fairy Circle Update, Zombie Parasites, Retraction Watch, Genetic Transistors, Prescribing Placebos
402 Mar 30 Guest Rogue: Karl Withakay, Mary Whiton Calkins and Ellen Swallow Richards, Homeopathy Debate, Small Pterosaur, Fracking Earthquakes, Never Eat Again, Voyager at the Edge, More Than Gravity
401 Mar 23 Open for transcription Pons and Fleischmann, Marshmallow Test, Bacteria Everywhere, Acupuncture HIV, Dr. Oz Sued, New Pope, Special Report: Why Worry?
400 Mar 16 Open for transcription Lawrence Oates, Meteorite Fossils, Duane Gish Dies, Acupuncture Meta-Analysis, Live to 150, Close Star Discovered
399 Mar 9 Ready for proofreading Guest Rogue: George Hrab, Hans Christian
398 Mar 2 Ready for proofreading Jon Ronson, Compact Disk, Life Around Dying Stars, Ancient Lost Continent, Electronic Tattoos, Google Glass, Ouch
397 Feb 23 Ready for proofreading Heisenberg, Russian Meteor, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Cosmos Unstable, Bigfoot DNA Published, Intellectually Lazy, Special Report: Retro Futurism
396 Feb 16 Ready for proofreading Brian Wecht, Chien-Shiung Wu, AI Doctor, Ball and Cup Magic, Gorilla in the Bronchi, Feathered Dino Follow Up
395 Feb 9 Ready for proofreading Space Medicine, Russian Lake Monster, Bones of Richard III, Scientific Genius, Without Fear, Feathered Dinosaurs, Tuesday Boy, George Hrab
394 Feb 2 Open for transcription John Rennie, Groundhog Day, Up Goer Five, China Smog, Vaccine Court, Deer Antler Spray, Perpetual Motion
393 Jan 26 Zack Kopplin, Brachistochrone curve, Manti Te'o Hox, River on Mars, Neanderthal Baby, Special Report: Nikola Tesla, Vomitorium, Skeptoid Chinese
392 Jan 19 Massimo Polidoro, Neon Signs, Predicting Murders, Lead and Crime, Biggest Thing in the Universe, Defending the Million Dollar Challenge, Turkey Bans Evolution Books, Apophis Update
391 Jan 12 Open for transcription Dr. James Bedford, Below Absolute Zero, Burzynski Challenge, Genome Editing, Celebrity Pseudoscience, Oz Pseudoscience
390 Jan 5 Ready for proofreading Massimo Pigliucci, FM Radio, Psychic Predictions 2012, Cosmic Rays and Dementia

  2012   (episodes 338-378)   
Episode # Date Status Description
382 Nov 10 Open for transcription
381 Nov 3 Open for transcription
380 Oct 27 Open for transcription
379 Oct 20 Open for transcription
378 Oct 13 Transcript Verified Rob Hutton interview, Dyson Spheres, Simon Singh, SpaceX Falcon 9, Presidential lie detector
377 Oct 6 Open for transcription Physics of Roulette, Vitamin D, Harpooning Satellites, Bee Brains, WTC7 collapse
376 Sep 29 Open for transcription
375 Sep 22 Open for transcription
374 Sep 15 Open for transcription
373 Sep 8 Open for transcription
372 Sep 1 Open for transcription
371 Aug 25 Open for transcription
370 Aug 18 Open for transcription
369 Aug 11 Open for transcription
368 Aug 4 Open for transcription
367 Jul 28 Open for transcription
366 Jul 21 Open for transcription
365 Jul 14
364 Jul 7 Transcript Verified
363 Jun 30 Transcript Verified
362 Jun 23 Open for transcription
361 Jun 16
360 Jun 9 Transcript Verified Ray Bradbury dies, Transit of Venus, Legislating science, Vapor Storage, Peer Review
359 Jun 2
358 May 26 Joshie Berger, SpaceX launch, Consciousness, Hearing aid cons
357 May 19
356 May 12
355 May 5
354 Apr 28
353 Apr 21
352 Apr 14
351 Apr 7
350 Mar 31 Transcript Verified James Randi interview, Moon origins, Mystery cloud on Mars, Newage Mountain
349 Mar 24 Open for transcription
348 Mar 17 Richard Saunders, Oldest skeleton, Aussie skepticism, Neutrino communication
347 Mar 10 Scott Sigler interview, Robot Cheetah, Neuroprosthetics, Kony, Iceman tattoos, QWERTY effect
346 Mar 3 Gordon Maupin interview, Iceman genome, Neutrinos, Heartland scandal, Drug testing
345 Feb 25 Transcription in progress
339 Jan 14
338 Jan 7 Transcript Verified Martin Rundkvist, New year predictions, Hacker satellite system, Blinded perception
  2011   (episodes 286-337)
Episode # Date Status Description
335 Dec 17 Transcription in progress
331 Nov 19 Open for transcription
330 Nov 11 Open for transcription
328 Oct 29
320 Aug 29
312 Jul 5 Transcription in progress
308 Jun 7 Open for transcription
287 Jan 12 Transcription in progress
  2010   (episodes 232-285)
Episode # Date Status Description
271 Sep 22
260 Jun 30 Open for transcription
252 May 12
247 Apr 7 Transcription in progress
245 Mar 25 Transcription in progress
  2009   (episodes 181-231)
Episode # Date Status Description
220 Oct 7 Transcription in progress
216 Sep 9 Open for transcription
185 Feb 4 Open for transcription
184 Jan 28
183 Jan 21 Transcription in progress
  2008   (episodes 128-180)
Episode # Date Status Description
165 Sep 17
156 Jul 16 Transcript Verified
146 May 7
144 Apr 23 Transcript Verified
140 Mar 26 Open for transcription
  2007   (episodes 76-127)  
Episode # Date Status Description
123 Nov 28 Open for transcription
110 Aug 28 Transcript Verified
109 Aug 24
105 Jul 25 Transcription in progress
103 Jul 11
102 Jul 3
100 Jun 19 Transcription in progress
98 Jun 6 Open for transcription
97 May 30 Open for transcription
89 Mar 26 Transcription in progress
79 Jan 24
  2006   (episodes 24-75)    
Episode # Date Status Description
62 Sep 27
61 Sep 27 Open for transcription
47 Jun 14 Open for transcription
46 Jun 7 Transcription in progress
31 Feb 22 Open for transcription
27 Jan 25 Open for transcription
  2005   (episodes 1-23)      
Episode # Date Status Description
16 Oct 12 Transcription in progress
15 Oct 6
14 Sep 28 Transcription in progress
13 Sep 14 Transcript Verified
12 Sep 7
11 Aug 31 Transcript Verified
10 Aug 23
9 Aug 10 Transcript Verified
8 Aug 2 Transcript Verified
7 Jul 20 Transcription in progress
6 Jul 7 Transcript Verified
5 Jun 29
4 Jun 15 Transcription in progress
3 Jun 7
2 Jun 1 Transcript Verified
1 May 4 Transcript Verified