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  2013   (episodes 390-...)
Ep. Date Sts. Non-News Segment(s) SoF Theme Interview Guest Rogue(s)
426 Sep 14 Open for transcription 9/11, Motivated Numeracy, Arctic Ice, Robot Traders, Teenage Exorcists, Homeopathic Vaccines, Mission to Mars, Bdellovibrio
425 Sep 7 Open for transcription Last Thylacine, NASA Spiders, Chicken Wings and Penis Size, TCM for Flu, New Element 115, Pox Parties, Aromatherapy
424 Aug 31 Show notes only Cara Santa Maria, Paul Ehrlich, Energized Water, Probiotics for Mental Health, Death by Iridology, Immortality, Authority
423 Aug 24 Show notes only Sanal Edamaruku, Vesuvius, No Proof of Creation, Area 51, Hydrating Beer, Indian Rationalist Shot Dead, Free Roaming Planets, Sugar and Hyperactivity
422 Aug 17 Open for transcription Hazel Bishop, NDE Explained, TV Watching, Labor and Autism, Magenta Planet, Spontaneous Baby Combustion, Special Report: Onionated
421 Aug 10 Show notes only Michael Mann, Smithsonian, Dead Monk Alive, Lab Grown Burger, Dolphin Memory, Cattle Mutilations, Gluten Follow Up, HPV Vaccine
420 Aug 3 Show notes only Robert House, Hunt for Alien Spaceships, 3-D Printing, Lunar Calendar, Full Moon and Sleep, Man-Chimp-Pig
419 Jul 27 Show notes only Insulin, Giant Virus, Gluten, Death Wave, The Pitch Drops, Revenge of the Conspiracy Theorists. Cassini Picture of Earth
418 Jul 20 Show notes only Live at TAM 2013, Guest Rogue: John Rennie, Viking 1, Special Report: Grand Canyon, The End of the World, Sailing Stones, Scrotal Evolution, Moons of Pluto, James Randi and Jamy Ian Swiss, Questions: Cynicism, Monsanto
417 Jul 13 Open for transcription Paul Offit, Carl Zimmer and Erno Rubik, Seeing Through Walls, First in Flight, Tylenol and Fear, Spinning Pharoah, Head Transplant
416 Jul 6 Open for transcription Guest Rogue: Randall Snyder, Pasteur, Special Report: Leaving Mormonism, Crop Circles in History, Constructing Morality, Movie Review: World War Z, Patent Troll Follow Up
415 Jun 29 Show notes only Roy Wolford, Podcasting Patent, Class System in Mice, Anti-GMO Pseudoscience, Skunk Ape, Special Report: GyroStim and Science Journalism, Staticman
414 Jun 22 Open for transcription Daniel Loxton, Osteoarthritis, Patenting DNA, Foot Fungus, Chinese Fake Alien, New Type of Star, Can We Know Everything
413 Jun 15 Open for transcription First Blood Transfusion, Vaccine Refusal, Seeing Ultraviolet, Ape Feet, Elizabeth I a Man?, Special Report: Don McLeroy Follow Up, Living on Sunshine
412 Jun 8 Open for transcription Joshie Berger, Missile Mail, Star Trek Review, Kepler Broken, Small Hadron Collider, Carnivorous Sponge, Pollen
411 Jun 1 Ready for proofreading Vijay Dewan & Scott Thurman interiew, Cosmic Background Radiation, Mermaids, Angelina Jolie, Prosopagnosia, Flying Car, Raw Honey
410 May 25 Ready for proofreading Guest Rogue: Richard Saunders, Geek Pride Day, McCormick Sentenced, Meteroid Hits Moon, DSM-5, Placenta Madness, Water Heater Follow-up, McLeroy Interview Follow-up
409 May 18 Show notes only Heather Berlin, Nicholas II, Your Senses in Space, Talking Plants, Flowing Glass, Book Review: Ender's Game, Water Heaters, Atacama Specimen
408 May 11 Show notes only Don McLeroy, Sylvia Browne Wrong Again, Cosmic Rays and Lightening, Cicada Return
407 May 4 Open for transcription Mystery Guest, SGU 8 year Anniversary, Funding Science, Curse Scam, Fusion Reactor, Einstein Still Correct, Oblivion Review, Is SETI Science
406 Apr 27 Ready for proofreading Samuel Morse, Mars One, Bomb Detector Fraud, TED and Chopra, Creationism and Dinosaurs, Bitcoin Follow Up
405 Apr 20 Open for transcription Guest Rogues: Jon Ronson and Simon Singh, Sundogs, Simon Singh's New Book, Bitcoins, Internet Criminals, BRAIN Project, Evidence of Dark Matter, Hallucinating Music
404 Apr 13 Open for transcription Live at NECSS 2013, Guest Rogue: Cathleen Carr, Apollo 13, Remembering Perry, Conspiracy Survey, Misused Scientific Terms, New Type of Supernova, Vaccines Make You Gay, Anti-Vaccine Propaganda on Twitter, Live Q&A: Effects of Alcohol, Online Health Inform
403 Apr 6 Ready for proofreading Ian O'Neill, Isaac Asimov, Fairy Circle Update, Zombie Parasites, Retraction Watch, Genetic Transistors, Prescribing Placebos
402 Mar 30 Transcript Verified Guest Rogue: Karl Withakay, Homeopathy Debate, Small Pterosaur, Fracking Earthquakes, Never Eat Again, Voyager at the Edge, More Than Gravity
401 Mar 23 Open for transcription Pons and Fleischmann, Marshmallow Test, Bacteria Everywhere, Acupuncture HIV, Dr. Oz Sued, New Pope, Special Report: Why Worry?
400 Mar 16 Open for transcription Lawrence Oates, Meteorite Fossils, Duane Gish Dies, Acupuncture Meta-Analysis, Live to 150, Close Star Discovered
399 Mar 9 Ready for proofreading Guest Rogue: George Hrab, Hans Christian
398 Mar 2 Ready for proofreading Jon Ronson, Compact Disk, Life Around Dying Stars, Ancient Lost Continent, Electronic Tattoos, Google Glass, Ouch
397 Feb 23 Ready for proofreading Heisenberg, Russian Meteor, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Cosmos Unstable, Bigfoot DNA Published, Intellectually Lazy, Special Report: Retro Futurism
396 Feb 16 Ready for proofreading Brian Wecht, Chien-Shiung Wu, AI Doctor, Ball and Cup Magic, Gorilla in the Bronchi, Feathered Dino Follow Up
395 Feb 9 Ready for proofreading George Hrab interview, Space Medicine, Russian Lake Monster, Bones of Richard III, Scientific Genius, Without Fear, Feathered Dinosaurs, Puzzle
394 Feb 2 Show notes only John Rennie, Groundhog Day, Up Goer Five, China Smog, Vaccine Court, Deer Antler Spray, Perpetual Motion
393 Jan 26 Transcript Verified Guest Rogue: Brian Dunning, Zack Kopplin interview, Brachistochrone curve, Manti Te'o Hoax, River on Mars, Neanderthal Baby, Special Report: Nikola Tesla, Vomitorium, Skeptoid Chinese
392 Jan 19 Transcript Verified Massimo Polidoro, Neon Signs, Predicting Murders, Lead and Crime, Biggest Thing in the Universe, Defending the $1m Challenge, Turkey Bans Evolution Books, Apophis Update
391 Jan 12 Open for transcription Dr. James Bedford, Below Absolute Zero, Burzynski Challenge, Genome Editing, Celebrity Pseudoscience, Oz Pseudoscience
390 Jan 5 Ready for proofreading Massimo Pigliucci, FM Radio, Psychic Predictions 2012, Cosmic Rays and Dementia
  2012   (episodes 338-389)
Ep. Date Sts. Non-News Segment(s) SoF Theme Interview Guest Rogue(s)
389 Dec 29 Transcript Verified SGU 2012 Year in Review, Thomas Fuller, Best and Worst of 2012, In Memoriam
388 Dec 22 Ready for proofreading Coelacanth, Sandy Hook Massacre, China Stabbing, AVN to Change Name, Megalapteryx Foot, Invisibility Cloak, Special Report: The Hobbit and High Frame Rate
387 Dec 15 Ready for proofreading Joshie Berger, homosexuality and the DSM, Creationist Tactics, Truth in Education, Dawn of Life, History of Cheese, Vampire Warning, Ocean Robots
386 Dec 8 Ready for proofreading Guest Rogue: Phil Plait, Atoms for Peace, End of the World, Bug UFO Follow Up, Inattentional Amnesia, Curiosity Kurfuffle, Grand Canyon Age, Moon Formation
385 Dec 1 Ready for proofreading Banachek, Taman Shud Mystery, Not-So-Terror Bird, Bloop Solved, Hijacking DNA, Bigfoot DNA, Makemake, Theory
384 Nov 24 Ready for proofreading Guest Rogue: Richard Wiseman, Origin of Species, Special Report: Richard's Dream Research, Aspartame Study, Being a Psychopath, Type Ia Supernova, Fecal Transplants
383 Nov 17 Ready for proofreading Bruce Hood, Jonestown Massacre, Denver UFO, Math Hurts, Communicating with the Vegetative, Nearby Rogue Planet, Twisted Light, Bicycle Physics
382 Nov 10 Ready for proofreading Goddess of Reason, Life in the Universe, UFOlogy Dying, Chelation Therapy, Psychic Fail, Universe Rotating, In Memorium: Mike LaCelle
381 Nov 3 Transcript Verified Live at CSICon 2012, Sputnik 2, In Memorium: Paul Kurtz and Leon Jaroff, Big Bang Conference, Italian Earthquake Scientists Convicted, Whale Makes Human Sounds, PANDAS Controversy, Reporting Ghost Stories, Live Q&A
380 Oct 27 Ready for proofreading Genetic Logic Circuit, Efficient Language, Closest Exoplanet, Alien Hacker, Zombie Bite
379 Oct 20 Ready for proofreading Jamy Ian Swiss, Norman Borlaug, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, DNA Half Life, The Simulated Universe, Supersonic Jump, Geoglyph
378 Oct 13 Transcript Verified Robert Hutton:SGU Transcripts, Lady of Fatima, 2012 Nobel Prizes, Dyson Spheres, Simon Singh and Libel, Presidential Lie Detector, Proof of Heaven
377 Oct 6 Open for transcription The Billygoat Curse, The Physics of Roulette, Vitamin D and the Common Cold, Harpooning Satellites, Bee Brains, WTC7 Collapse
376 Sep 29 Open for transcription Pamela Gay, CERN, Ig Nobels 2012, GM Corn Rat Study, HIV and Faith Healing, Emoticons turn 30
375 Sep 22 Transcript Verified Golden Tablets and Hobbit Day, Warp Drive, Bad Science Reporting, Dark Energy Camera, Crowdsourcing Science, Spheres on Mars, CSICon 2012, Blue Moon and Frances
374 Sep 15 Open for transcription Murray Gell-Mann and Alexander Flemming, Sun Myung Moon Dies, Company Apologies for Thalidomide, Super WiFi, Calorie Restriction and Longevity, Special Report: A Skeptical 12 Step Program, Skeptical Quote of the Week
373 Sep 8 Open for transcription Live at DragonCon 2012, Billy West, First Trek, Blue Moon Lunacy, Bigfoot News, Negative Replication of Psi, Baldness Cure, Little Mass from Higgs, UFO Over Illuminati Castle, SGU FAQ, Homeopath Pharmacist, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
372 Sep 1 Show notes only Passenger Pigeon, Neil Armstrong Dies, Naked Darth Vader, Homeopathic Candy, Hearing Voices, Special Report: Conspiracy Conference
371 Aug 25 Show notes only Pixar's Chris Ford, The Great Moon Hoax, The Sun is Round, DNA Storage, FDA and Homeopathy, Pregnancy from Rape, E-bay and Magic
370 Aug 18 Open for transcription Eggs and Atherosclerosis, Hacking the Rover, The Sneeze, Google Pyramids, Occ Update, Asymmetrical Screw
369 Aug 11 Transcript Verified Dino Mating, Blowing Up Asteroids, Punching for God, Occ the Skeptical Caveman, Kinesio Tape
368 Aug 4 Open for transcription Brian Wecht, First Fax, Superstition Fund, Curiosity's Sky Crane, Anti-Fluoridation News Fail, Bat-Winged Monkey Bird
367 Jul 28 Transcript Verified Kennewick Man, Skeptical Conferences, Sally Ride Dies, Mood Photography, Computer Modeling Life, Artificial Jellyfish, Firewalking Mishap, Multivitamins
366 Jul 21 Open for transcription Live at TAM 2012, Guests: Richard Saunders and George Hrab, Planet Nibiru, Jean Picard born, Fake Bomb Detector Maker Charged, Debating an Antivaccinationist. Feathered Dinosaurs, New Moon for Pluto, Higgs Discovery Announced, Sex Myths, Sapphire Hard Dri
365 Jul 14 Transcript Verified Guest Rogue: Daniel Beauley, Jane Goodall, UFOs in National Geo, Seeing Inside Tissue, GOP on Critical Thinking, Alternative Chocolate, Who Owns Space
364 Jul 7 Transcript Verified Jann Bellamy interview, Newcomen Engine, Water on the Moon and Mars, Swiss Report on Homeopathy, Twisted Light, Embodied Cognition, Causeway Cannibal update
363 Jun 30 Transcript Verified Tunguska Event, The Science of Prometheus, Time Slowing Down, Higgs Update, Nessie Disproves Evolution
362 Jun 23 Open for transcription Professor Zhong Lin Wang, Mystery Carbon Spike, Younger Dryas Impact, Liberation Procedure Study, Testing Female Athletes, Fetal Pill Update
361 Jun 16 Ready for proofreading This Day in Skepticism - Captain Picard Day, LiDar, Extremophiles, Moral Behavior, Cervical Manipulation, Ghost Train, Pharmacist Homeopaths
360 Jun 9 Transcript Verified Ray Bradbury Dies, Episode #360, Transit of Venus, Legislating Science, Science Education in California & South Korea, Vapor Storage, Magnetic Skeptical Phrases, Peer Review
359 Jun 2 Transcript Verified Debbie Feldman interview, Bridget Bishop, Medical Zombies, Science of Reruns, Leakey on Evolution, Local Darkmatter Followup
358 May 26 Transcript Verified Guest Rogue: Joshie Berger, Animalcules, TAM Poker Tournament, SpaceX Launch, Studying the Universe, What is Consciousness?, Speaking to Mediums, Swindler's List: Hearing Aids
357 May 19 Ready for proofreading Guest Rogue: Phil Plait, Chris Lewicki interview, Head Cabinet, Ghost Box, Mayan Calendar, Electricity from Viruses, UK Libel Law Update, Supermoon, Corrections
356 May 12 Ready for proofreading Dinosaur Farts, Aura Reading, 48 Frames per Second, Baby Powder, Killing Bigfoot, TAM2012
355 May 5 Ready for proofreading Guest Rogues: Seth Shostak and James Randi, Rogue Planets, Machine-Monkey Interface, Finding ET with Robots, God Spot in the Brain, SETI Update, Live Q&A: The Coming Singularity
354 Apr 28 Transcript Verified Live at NECSS 2012 with Guest James Randi, Pedantic Words, Sports Pseudoscience , Nuking Asteroids, Loch Ness Monster Spotted, Cosmic Rays, Space Shuttle Enterprise, SGU Video, Remembering Perry
353 Apr 21 Ready for proofreading The Surgeons Photo, Life on Mars, Indian Skeptic Charged with Blasphemy, Multitasking, Monkeys Recognize Words, Cosmic Superwinds, Titanic Correction, Advanced Dinosaurs
352 Apr 14 Ready for proofreading Titanic Disaster, Blow Up Space Junk, Aristolochia Nephropathy, Homophobia, Toilet Water, Monkey Bill Update, Grover's Algorithm, Gulf of Cambay Ruins
351 Apr 7 Ready for proofreading Gripp (Marshall Gillson), World Health Day, Smart Sand, Enclothed Cognition, Death by Homeopathy, Small Scale, Rhino Horn
350 Mar 31 Transcript Verified James Randi interview, Patenting Life, Tennessee Anti-Evolution Bill, Origin of the Moon, Mystery Cloud on Mars, Newage Mountain
349 Mar 24 Transcript Verified Exxon Valdez, Superhero Pseudoscience, High Altitude Skydiving, Nuclear Clock, New Hampshire Abortion Bill, NDE and Lucid Dreaming, Designer Electrons, Here Comes the Metric System
348 Mar 17 Ready for proofreading Guest Rogue: Richard Saunders, Vanguard I, Oldest Skeleton, Red Deer Cave People, Neutrino Communication, Defending Science in Australia, Failure to Replicate Bem's Psi Research, Catching up on Vaccines
347 Mar 10 Ready for proofreading Scott Sigler interview, Megalonyx, Robot Cheetah, Kony 2012, Neuroprosthetics, Therapeutic Tattoos, QWERTY effect
346 Mar 3 Transcript Verified Gordon Maupin interview, Leap Year, Iceman Genome, FTL Neutrino Follow Up, More on Anti-Climategate, Drug Testing, Your Deceptive Mind
345 Feb 25 Ready for proofreading Fraser Cain and Pamela Gaye, Tiny Lizards, Missing Dark Matter, Anti-Climate Gate, Nanoparticle Safety
344 Feb 18 Show notes only The Science of Pony Tails, Online Surveys, Structural Batteries, QWB:Alien Matter,s: Evolution Falsifiable, Headgear
343 Feb 11 Show notes only 3D Printing, Morgellons Update, State Science Standards, Lake Vostok, Hard Drive Breakthrough, Special Report: Ouija Boards
342 Feb 4 Show notes only Derek Bartholomaus, Speed Limit for Birds, Reading Brain Waves, Conspiracy Contradictions, Scorpion Inspired Armor
341 Jan 28 Open for transcription Sean Carroll, Stem Cells for Blindness, Chiropractic Neurology, Mass Psychogenic Illness, Sounds in the Sky
340 Jan 21 Ready for proofreading Eugenie Scott, NECSS 2012, Photographic Black Holes, SOPA-PIPA, Homeopathic Burn Treatment, Ice Forms
339 Jan 14 Ready for proofreading Tricorder X-prize, Sheldrake on Presentiment, Physics Cranks, Witchhunter Comes to US
338 Jan 7 Transcript Verified Martin Rundkvist interview, ((Psychic predictions 2011/2012 (338) Psychic Predictions 2011)) (new redirect needed?), Hacker Satellite, Testing Violins, Lost World of Antarctica
  2011   (episodes 286-337)
Ep. Date Sts. Non-News Segment(s) SoF Theme Interview Guest Rogue(s)
337 Dec 31 Transcript Verified SGU 2011 Year in Review, Guest Mike Lacelle, Best and Worst of 2011
336 Dec 24 Show notes only Guests: George Hrab and Jamy Ian Swiss, Christopher Hitchens In Memoriam, Mammoth Bone Homes, Trillion Frames per Second, Neti Pot Dangers, Special Report: Randomness
335 Dec 17 Open for transcription Pro-Measles Children's Book, Higgs Update, Mercury UFO, Hallucinating Color, Menstrual Syncing, Swindler's List: Online Dating
334 Dec 10 Show notes only Lawrence Krauss, Trudeau Fine Upheld, Planetary Probes, Cloning a Mammoth, Kepler 22b, Corrections
333 Dec 3 Show notes only James Randi, Detecting Digital Manipulation, Curiosity Heads to Mars, Creationist Bill Defeated in NH, Scorpios Need Not Apply, Jetpack Flies with Jets, Special Report: Burzynski Clinic Intimidates Bloggers - Rhys Morgan, Tomato Juice Color
332 Nov 26 Show notes only JFK Assassination, Power Balance Bankruptcy, FTL Neutrino Follow Up, Does Water Prevent Dehydration, Food Color and Taste, SILLY Bias in Scientific Reviews
331 Nov 19 Ready for proofreading Neil deGrasse Tyson, Moon's Magnetic Field, Europa's Ice Surface, False Confessions, BMJ Poe, Catholic Pox Parties
330 Nov 12 Ready for proofreading Stroke Turns Man Gay, Asteroid YU55, Pox Parties, US Government Denies UFOs, Man Confuses Moon for UFO, NASA's Orion Program, Intercessory Prayer
329 Nov 5 Show notes only Climate Change Confirmation, Steve Job's Cancer, New GPS, Pre-Clovis Find, Brush Before or After
328 Oct 29 Transcript Verified Banachek interview, Seeing Through Walls, Malaria Vaccine, Luckiest Cities, New Name for VLA, Another Failed Prediction
327 Oct 22 Show notes only Richard Wiseman, Jay Report from Italy, Faster Than Light Neutrinos, Reiki Doesn't Work, Ending Genital Cutting, Camping Prophesy Update
326 Oct 15 Show notes only Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde, Vitamins and Mortality, Megavirus, NDEs, More UFOs, Electrosense, Airborne Petition
325 Oct 8 Show notes only Steve Jobs Dies, Nobel Prizes 2011 for Physics, Medicine, and Chemistry, IgNobels for 2011
324 Oct 1 Show notes only Highlights from the SGU 24 Live Streaming event, Australian Skeptics: Richard Saunders, Dr. Rachie Dunlop, Jo Benhamu, Grail Craft Launch, A. sediba, Adaptation and Orgasm, Special Report: Siphonomores, Top 10 Future Technologies
323 Sep 24 Show notes only Guests: George Hrab and Brian Brushwood, Single Molecule Electric Motor, Registering Atheists, Special Report: Nature vs Nurture
322 Sep 17 Show notes only Sara Mayhew, New Items: Chinese Scientists Plan to Capture Asteroid, Acupuncture and Acoustic Waves
321 Sep 10 Show notes only Live at DragonCon 2011, 9-11 Comic, Diamond Planet, Homeopathic Water, Woolly Rhino, Editor Resigns of Global Warming Paper, Live Q&A
320 Aug 29 Ready for proofreading Jad Abumrad, Hurricane Irene, ISS Threatened, LHC and Super Symmetry, Alien Signals, Tin Foil, Skeptical Shout-Out
319 Aug 24 Show notes only Virginia Earthquake, Brand Loyalty, Tin Foil and RFID, Swindler's List: Functional Medicine
318 Aug 17 Show notes only Paul Provenza, Non-Growing Earth, Boiron Threatens Blogger, Woman Romance and Science, Space X Going to the Space Station, More on Helium
317 Aug 10 Show notes only Anti-Matter in Space, 3D Brain Mapping, Time Shift, 4-Time Lottery Winner, Robert Johnson
316 Aug 3 Show notes only Elizabeth Loftus, This Day in Skepticism - Life on Mars, The 27 Club, Blood-Red Lake, Earth Trojan Asteroid, Radioactive Heat, If It Can't Be Measured
315 Jul 27 Show notes only Bill Nye, Skeptical Conferences, Victory for Evolution in Texas, New Moon for Pluto, Life in the Universe, Connecticut Chupacabra
314 Jul 20 Show notes only Live at TAM9, Comet Elenin, Forces of Darkness, Science Proves the Bible (Not), Last Shuttle Launch, Pastafarian Headgear, Organic Water, Graphene Water Battery, Youngest Dinosaur Fossil, Live Q&A: Skeptical Wins, 24 Hr Live SGU Show, Reconciling Faith an
313 Jul 13 Show notes only Matthew Chapman, Hypnotized to Death, Color of Extinct Birds, Magnetic Microprocessors, Twintuition, Creationist Arguments
312 Jul 5 Open for transcription Classifying Galaxies, More Pareidolia, Easter Island Elixir, Driverless Cars, Elevatorgate
311 Jun 29 Show notes only Eugenie Scott, Tau Day, Body Temperature of Dinosaurs Measured, Magnets and Blood Flow, Guru in Sweat Lodge Death Convicted, Close Call for the Space Station
310 Jun 22 Show notes only Guest Rogue: Michael Waterhouse, We Are All Mutants, Human Gecko, Creationists Infiltrate Geology Meeting, Battery Man
309 Jun 13 Show notes only Two New Elements, The Decline Effect, Zicam Inventor Arrested, Lasers from Human Cells, Mood Ears, The Enemy Within
308 Jun 8 Open for transcription Guest: Phil Plait, SGU-24, Psychic Tip, Explosion on Sun, Moon Origin, UFO Nazis
307 May 31 Show notes only Jamie Bernstein, Predicting Earthquakes, Mapping the Brain, Implanting Memories
306 May 25 Show notes only Rapture Rationalizations, Fake Moon Rock, Dark Energy Confirmed, Religious Right vs Women's Rights, Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse, Banning Marmite
305 May 18 Show notes only James Randi, Rapture, Another Cancer Cure, Gut Bacteria and Behavior, Habitable Exoplanet, Higgs False Alarm, Swindlers List: Bidsell
304 May 9 Show notes only Jon Ronson, Einstein Right Again, Mark Geier's License Suspended, Moon Microbe Mystery, Steytlerville Monster, Yap Money
303 May 4 Show notes only This Day in Science and Skepticism, Six years of SGU, Easter Island Controversy,Bin Laden Conspiracies
302 Apr 27 Show notes only Seth Shostak, A Skeptic in Oz, More Creationism in Texas, Higgs Rumor
301 Apr 20 Show notes only Guest Rogue: Iszi Lawrence, Hottel UFO Document, New Method to find Exoplanets, Plans for NASA Shuttles, Power Balance Lawsuit, Nails of Christ
300 Apr 9 Show notes only Live at NECSS 2011, Guest Rogue: John Rennie, Gayveman, Cosmic Engineering, Homeopathy for Radiation and Vertigo, Evidence and Radiation Risk, You Know You're a Skeptic If, Live Q&A: Time Travel, Fecal Transplants, Skeptical Obligation
299 Apr 4 Show notes only The Mercury 7, Pioneer Anomaly Solved, Pigasus Awards, Wakefield and Somalis, Boy Genius, Thorium Reactors
298 Mar 30 Show notes only Kenny Feder, Colorado UFO, Breaking Heisenberg, Dinosaur Petroglyph, Dinosaur Taxonomy
297 Mar 24 Show notes only Hale Bop Cult, Meier Earthquake Non-prediction, Swarm Robots, Sexual Preference, Pre-biotic Chemistry, Science fact vs fiction, Radiation Hormesis, Overunity, Fecal Transplants
296 Mar 16 Show notes only Mark Mervine, Japan Earthquake, Time Traveling Particle, Finding Atlantis, TAM9 From Outer Space, Corrections - Magellan and DNA Computing, Ambit Energy
295 Mar 9 Show notes only Ben Radford, Meteorite Bacteria, Biological Computers, Super Full Moon, Imam Retracts Support for Evolution, Definition of Skeptic
294 Mar 2 Show notes only Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Limelight, Predicting Earthquakes, Growing Fuel, Neutron Star Superflluidity, Heidi Follow up, Information Follow up, 10,000 Years in the Future
293 Feb 23 Show notes only Guest Rogue: Joshie Berger, Galileo Censored, Internet Kill Switch, Japan to Trawl for Space Junk, Watson on Jeopardy!, Lie to Me, Lost Information
292 Feb 16 Show notes only Kevin Folta, Jovian in the Outer Solar System, Haunted Theme Park Ride, Heidi the Cross-eyed Psychic Opossum, Product Reviews
291 Feb 9 Show notes only Jeff Ainslee, Processed Food and IQ, Bacterial Intelligence, Skin Cell Spray Gun, Treating Trauma with Herbs, Jerusalem UFO
290 Jan 31 Show notes only Guest Rogue: Dr. Ray Greek - The Science of Animal Models, Homeopathy Pseudoscience, Teachers Cautious about Evolution, Countering Fallacies
289 Jan 26 Show notes only Jack LaLanne dies at 96, Cold Fusion Again, The Cochrane Review of Statins, Astrologists Angered, More on Education, Alien DNA
288 Jan 19 Show notes only No Ghosts in my Backyard, Simulating Earth, Reaction to Bem's Psi Research, Engineered Chickens, Cloning Mammoths, Sun as Battery, Land Sharks
287 Jan 12 Open for transcription Guest Rogue: Phil Plait, Molten Exoplanet, BMJ Slams Wakefield, Creationist Teacher Fired, Galactic Black Holes, Nassim Haramein
286 Jan 5 Show notes only Predictions 2010 and 2011, Mysterious Bird Deaths, Predictions from 1931, Mars News in 2010, Apocalypse 2011, Printing Solar Cells, Thomas Kuhn
  2010   (episodes 232-285)
Ep. Date Sts. Non-News Segment(s) SoF Theme Interview Guest Rogue(s)
285 Dec 29 Open for transcription 2010 Year in Review, Best and Worst of 2010, In Memoriam, SGU Stats
284 Dec 22 Show notes only Arsenic-Based Life, Buttology, V-Steam, Singing Mice, The Real daVinci Code, Special Report: Power Bands with James Randi and the SkepticBros
283 Dec 15 Show notes only Dan Gardner, Piltdown Anniversary, Hydrogen Production, Voyager Leaves Solar System, Slushball Earth, Alien Plants vs Animals
282 Dec 8 Show notes only Live in Sydney Australia, New Crystal Skull, Roger Penrose Before the Big Bang, Chimps Outwit Human Traps, Anti-Antivax Activism, Special Report: Masonic Conspiracy Theories, Live Q&A: Scientists Baffled, Size of Quantum Effects, Sympathectomy, Future of
281 Dec 1 Show notes only Live in Vancouver with Guest: George Hrab, SETI 50th Anniversary, Antimatter Breakthrough, Nanoparticles and Glowing Trees, Oprah Promotes Psychic Surgeon, Latest PSI Research, Bending Time and Space, Live Q&A: Neurology of Belief, Coincidence, Multi-Leve
280 Nov 24 Show notes only Guest: Richard Saunders, Eken Power Bands, Frozen Stiff, Cockroach Brains, Deal or No Deal, : Argument from Silence, Special Topic: Religious Skeptics
279 Nov 15 Show notes only D.J. Grothe, NASA Discovers Mysterious Bubbles, Exploiting "Psychic" Kids, More Homeopathy Spin, Lunar Weather Predicting, Caffeine and Sperm Count
278 Nov 10 Show notes only Carl Sagan Day, Mystery Missile, LHC Big Bang, The Twinkie Diet, Hamburger Experiments Redux, Spinning Spaceship, Ear Light
277 Nov 3 Show notes only Jamy Ian Swiss, Psychic Cat, 100 Year Starship Project, Cure for Common Cold, Life on the Moon, Alien Ballot Defeated, Banana Ripening
276 Oct 27 Show notes only Ghosts Calling Cellphones, Hawking Radiation, More On Radioactive Decay Rates, The Science of Medicine, NECSS 2011, Award Nomination, Time Traveling Cell Phone User, SGU Forums Moderators
275 Oct 19 Show notes only Guest Rogue: Brian Trent, Benoit Mandlebrot 1924-2010, Stem Cell Funding, Do Mummies Get Cancer, Asteroids Buzz Earth, Whale Poop Correction, T-Rex Blood Cells, Help - My Friend is a Pseudoscientist
274 Oct 13 Show notes only Ben Goldacre, Dark Matter Strangeness, Vaccine Case in Supreme Court, Gliese 581g Follow Up, Magic Burgers
273 Oct 6 Show notes only 2010 Nobel Prizes in Medicine, Chemistry and Physics, 2010 IgNobels, Diesel from a Stone, Mass and Gravity, Science Education, Laughing Hyenas
272 Sep 30 Show notes only Bug Girl, New Moonlanding Footage, UN Alien Ambassador, Poor Science Education, New Force of Nature?, Goldilocks Planet
271 Sep 22 Ready for proofreading Simon Singh interview, Losing Your Religion, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Dirty Electricity, Origins of Moons, Halfalogue
270 Sep 15 Show notes only Ben Radford, Joe Nickell, and Karen Stollznow, Modern Geocentrism, Irish Minister of Science Scandal, Robot Skin, No Link between Thimerosal and Autism, Canadian Government Muzzles Scientists, Crop Circle Sting
269 Sep 8 Show notes only Carol Tavris, Stephen Hawking on God, Magnetic Mom, Organic Strawberries, Burning the Quran, Pyschic Incites Mob
268 Sep 1 Show notes only Donald Prothero, Thorium Power, Impacts and Extinction, Spontaneous Combustion, Enfield Poltergeist, Ghost Train, Mitochondrial Eve Follow Up
267 Aug 25 Show notes only Guest Rogue: Phil Plait, Phil Plait's Bad Universe, Solar Flares and Radioactive Decay, Competition in Evolution, The Science of Zombies, Kurzweil Responds to Myers, Kaku on UFOs
266 Aug 19 Show notes only Bruce Hood, Banning Wi-Fi, Psychic Finds Wrong Body, Kurzweil on Brain Complexity, Magnetars and Black Holes
265 Aug 11 Show notes only Aubrey de Grey, Evolving Simulated Intelligence, Proximal Intercessory Prayer, Bermuda Triangle Solved, Booty Enhancement Spell, Censoring Skepticism featuring Rhys Morgan
264 Aug 4 Show notes only DIY Genetic Testing, Coronal Mass Ejection, More Evidence for Warming, Analyzing the Future, Misfortune Teller, More on Dieting
263 Jul 29 Show notes only Jim Underdown, Homeopathy in the UK, Cosmology with no Big Bang, Ghost Ship, Meat and Weight Control, Biodynamic Farming, Orgel's Laws
262 Jul 21 Show notes only Randi & Banachek, Report from TAM8, Monster Star, Anti-Vax in Oz, Kabbalah Bracelet, Monkey Fossil, Monkeys in the Pants, Libel Tourism Bill
261 Jul 10 Show notes only Live at TAM8, Roswell Remembered, Nuclear Explosion in Space, Pepsigate, Energy Vampires, Gravitons and Black Holes, Obesity and Inactivity, Climategate Update, Planck Image of the Universe, Live Q&A: NESS Activities, Do Skeptics Ever Win?, Positive Attit
260 Jun 30 Transcription in progress Guest Rogue: George Hrab, Fin to Limb Evolution, Pat Boone on Laws of Physics, Ice Patch Archaeology, Stephen Barrett Sued, Flag Worship
259 Jun 28 Show notes only Whooping Cough Epidemic, Whaling Film Questioned, Superconductor Roadblock, Call to Ban Homeopathy, Orbital Periods, Sunscreen
258 Jun 16 Show notes only Sanal Edamaruku, Growing Livers, Immortal Jelly, Gay Clinic, Space Storm Warning
257 Jun 14 Ready for proofreading Hayabusa Returns, Einstein's Brain, Largest Radio Telescope Array, Amityville Horror House for Sale, Cursed Cell Phone Number, Soy, Magic Bee Juice
256 Jun 9 Show notes only Steve Matheson, Life on Titan, Vulture Threatened by Pseudoscience, WHO and H1N1, Orbit of Phobos
255 Jun 2 Show notes only Guests: Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay, X-37b Space Plane, Synthetic Bacteria, Hollow Phobos, Acupuncture Mechanism?, Guatemala Sinkhole, Salt Substitute
254 May 26 Show notes only James Randi about Martin Gardner, Energy of Early Life, End for Mars Phoenix Lander and Atlantis, Vaccine Safety, Accepting Science, Exonerated by Acupuncture
253 May 19 Show notes only Cell Phone Cancer Update, Why Does Matter Exist, Applied Kinesiology, BMA Trashes Homeopathy, Early Bird Feathers, Ball Lightening, Pesticides and ADHD
252 May 12 Ready for proofreading Guest: Massimo Pigliucci, Nonsense on Stilts, Definition of Siphon, Neanderthal Interbreeding, Evolution in Alabama Politics, Science of Morality
251 May 5 Show notes only 5 Years of SGU, Zettabytes, Prayer and Critical Thinking, Oil Spill Conspiracy, Life on Mars - Not, How to Build a Time Machine, Man Claims 70 Years Without Food or Water, Corrections, Croatian Girl Follow up
250 Apr 28 Show notes only Dr. Dean Edell, 20 Years of Hubble, Nanodots, Boobquake, Stephen Hawking on Aliens, Noah's Ark, Intelligence and Science
249 Apr 17 Show notes only Live at NECSS 2010, Guest: James Randi, Items: Volcano in Iceland, Near Death Experiences, Sound Bullets, Injured by Price Scanner, Singh Libel Suit dropped, Two Moms and a Dad, Girl Speaks German After Coma, Live Q&A
248 Apr 13 Show notes only Seth Shostak, Apollo 13, Water on Mars, Bioprinting, Scientific Literacy in the US, Dawkins vs The Pope, Colour Therapy
247 Apr 7 Open for transcription Area 51 Declassified, Ununseptium, SBM visits NCCAM, Copper Magnetic Jesus Bracelet, Human Population, Dutch Psychic Follow up, : The Genetic Fallacy
246 Mar 31 Show notes only Guest: Eugenie Scott, Update from the NCSE, Fighting Cancer with Nanoparticles, Prison Psychics, Changing Morality with Magnets, Skeptics and Atheists
245 Mar 25 Transcription in progress George Hrab, Rise of the Dinosaurs, Woman X, Starchild Update, Evangelical Listeners
244 Mar 18 Show notes only Greg Grunberg, When Homeopaths Attack, Texas Textbook Hubbub, Bacterial Fingerprint, Chief Exorcist, Biggest Quantum State, Power Balance
243 Mar 11 Show notes only Jenny on Huffpo, Autistic Pets, See-through Pain, Homeschooling and Evolution, Here's Your Jetpack, Spirits in a Bottle, Richter Scale, Raining Fish Follow Up, Inner Space
242 Mar 3 Show notes only Guest: James Randi, Chile Earthquake, Darwinius Revisited, Raining Fish, Acupuncture for Depression, Haunted Hotels, Contrarion vs Skeptic, Personality Tests
241 Feb 24 Show notes only Daniel Wilson, Homeopathy Smackdown in UK, What Darwin Got Wrong, The Bloom Box, Geller Aids Cops
240 Feb 17 Show notes only Rom Houben Update, Solar Energy Breakthrough, Psychic Killed, Gas from Carbon, Thomas Paine, Knocked Out
239 Feb 10 Show notes only Guest: Brian Dunning, Enceladus Update, Synthetic Organisms, Spray On Glass, Gasoline from Carbon, Oral Conception, : False Analogy
238 Feb 3 Show notes only Simon Conway Morris, Fusion Breakthrough, Andrew Wakefield Rebuked, Return of Death Cat, Lady Gaga Illuminati
237 Jan 27 Show notes only Guest: Daniel Loxton, Book Release: Evolution, Dowsing for Bombs, Alien Life on Earth, Ginger Dinosaurs, I have Lizards in my Pants, Addiction
236 Jan 20 Show notes only Jon Rosenberg, Dead Bodies, Blond Warrior Princesses, Trees on Mars, Correactology, Ayn Rand
235 Jan 13 Show notes only Guest: Richard Saunders, TAM Australia, Tetrapod Footprints, Airport Security - with Bruce Schneier, Nearby Supernova, Cancer Miracle, Evil Skeptics
234 Nov 15 Show notes only Special Report: H1N1 Flu Pandemic Update - With Steven Novella, David Gorski, Mark Crislip and Joe Albietz
233 Jan 6 Show notes only D. J. Grothe, Predictions for 2009 and 2010, The G-Spot Controversy, New Stellar Companion, Brain Capacity
232 Jan 1 Ready for proofreading 2009 Year in Review - with Guests Phil Plait and Mike Lacelle, SGU and Science News of 2009, Science and Skepticism in the Last Decade,Stats, SGU in 2010
  2009   (episodes 181-231)
Ep. Date Sts. Non-News Segment(s) SoF Theme Interview Guest Rogue(s)
231 Dec 21 Show notes only Michael Specter, Dark Matter WIMPS, Synaesthesia, The Future of Skepticism, LHC Risk with Brian Cox
230 Dec 16 Show notes only Steorn Still At It, Computer-Brain Interface, Ancient Ruins in the Caribbean, Octopus Coconuts, Homeopathic Suicide, Holodeck Food, Special Report: Coalition for Libel Reform
229 Dec 9 Show notes only Guest Phil Plait: Denver Aliens, Bird Speciation, Blinded by Faith, Spiral over Norway, Uranus Tilt, Methane on Mars, Homeopathy Ads
228 Dec 2 Show notes only Steven Thoms, Age of Autism Scandal, Porkenstein, Fat Murder Hoax, ClimateGate Feedback
227 Nov 25 Show notes only LHC Online, Coma and Facilitated Communication, ClimateGate, CrocoDuck, Speaking in Tongues
226 Nov 18 Show notes only Kenny Feder, New Mammography Guidelines, Water on the Moon, Dark Flow, Lee Harvey Oswald Photo, Movie Reviews
225 Nov 11 Show notes only Psychic Finds Skeleton, Dystonia Flu Shot Follow Up, More LRO Images, Paying for Prayer, Wave Particle Duality, JREF Announcements, TAM London with Simon Singh, Jon Ronson, and Adam Savage
224 Nov 4 Show notes only Carl Sagan Day, Nutt Job, Dystonia after Flu Shot, Spontaneous Human Combustion Case, Michael Goldstein: starting local skeptical groups, Rebecca at TAM London with Phil Plait, Chris French, and Christina Martin
223 Oct 28 Show notes only Swine Flu Scams, Hulda Clark Died of Cancer, The Physics of Homeopathy, Scientology Trouble, Suzanne Somers Cancer Quackery, Size of the Universe (With Guest - Pamela Gay), Mad Scientists, Suspended Animation
222 Oct 21 Show notes only James Randi, LHC Future Attack, Magnetic and Copper Bracelets, Balloon Boy, Lunar Plume Update, Giant Spider, Special Report: Rebecca from Bangkok
221 Oct 14 Show notes only Jack Horner, NASA Shoots the Moon, Saturn's Rings, Hypno Cat, Simon Singh Update, Plasma Rocket, This Man
220 Oct 7 Open for transcription Daniel Hooper, Premanand In Memoriam, Nobel Prizes 2009, Ardipithecus Ramidis, Autism Prevalence, Brian Cox
219 Sep 28 Show notes only Mark Edward, Premanand Statement, Dinosaur News, Nanotube Springs, Cameron and Comfort on Darwin, Couple Jailed over Homeopathy Death, Spiritual Advice, Life Signs, Speed of Light
218 Sep 23 Show notes only Michael Vassar, Raptor Rex, Bill Maher Antiscience, Panama Monster
217 Sep 12 Show notes only Live at NECSS with Guest Richard Wiseman, Charlie Sheen 911 Truther, Quantum Amnesia, Hulda Clark Dead, Gonzalez Therapy Fail, What's in Your Wallet, Exomoons, Great Tits Eat Bats, Special Report: The Yale Study, Live QA
216 Sep 9 Open for transcription Live at DragonCon 2009, Google UFO, Mongolian Death Worm, Chupacabra in Texas, Magnetic Monopole, Live Q&A
215 Sep 1 Show notes only Adam Savage, Multitasking, Methane Fog on Titan, Google Nessie, Evolving Mice, Appendix, iPhone Crap App
214 Aug 25 Show notes only Jamy Ian Swiss, Surviving a Cataclysm, Zombie Apocalypse, WHO Says No to Homeopathy,Itako Fading, Dinochicken
213 Aug 18 Show notes only Battery Update, Super Planetary Nebulae, Adopt a Star, UFO Spikes, Aquatic Ape, Caffeine Tolerance
212 Aug 12 Show notes only Michael Goudeau, Kepler Goes Online, Methane on Mars, MS Breakthrough, Placebo Medicine, Birthers, : Homeopathy Nonsense
211 Aug 4 Show notes only Skepchick Carrie Iwan, Teeth from Stem Cells, Stem Cell Clinic Raid, Laser Propulsion, Update on Simon Singh, Origin of Matter, 4-minute Interval Training
210 Jul 29 Show notes only Jennifer Ouellette, Oldest Animal Fossils, New State of Matter, FDA Say Mercury Amalgam Safe, Past Life Hypnotism, Stressful Sweat
209 Jul 22 Show notes only DJ Grothe, 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11, Copernicium, Thomas Jefferson and Evolution, Dowsing
208 Jul 11 Show notes only Live at TAM 7, Microbot Plumbers, Archeological Dig, Sunspots Return, Blogs vs Journalists, Genie Sued, Live Q&A, Rebecca's Wedding
207 Jul 1 Show notes only Phil Plait, Steorn Fail, BCA Responds to Singh, Salt Water in Enceladus, Uranium on the Moon, Apollo 11 Video, Impact Bad Astronomy
206 Jun 18 Show notes only Richard Prum, Ancient Lakes on Mars, Smoke Ring UFO, FDA Zicam Warning, Missing Sun Spots
205 Jun 16 Show notes only Brian Brushwood, Junior Supernova, Boy Hit By Meteor, A New Heuristic, Planetary Life
204 Jun 11 Show notes only Richard Wiseman, Negative CAM Research, Chiropractors In Retreat, Quantum Mechanics, Flu Pandemic Update, Youngest Skeptic, Prescient Genes
203 Jun 9 Show notes only Bruce Hood, Crop Circles 2009, Chronic Lyme Disease, Casino Feng Shui, UFO follow up, Liver Flush for Gallstones
202 Jun 3 Show notes only Simon Singh, Newsweek vs Oprah, Volcanic Extinction, UFO News, Texas Update, Evangelical Skeptics, Begging the Question
201 May 27 Show notes only Phil Plait, Whooping Cough Increase, Scientology on Trial, RNA World, Rook Tool Use, Northeast Skeptical Conference, Polonium Halos
200 May 20 Show notes only SGU 200th Episode, Missing Link Ida, GPS Failure, Stem Cell Quackery in China, Candiru, If I Had a Million Dollars
199 May 13 Show notes only Rusty Schweickart, Simon Singh's Lawsuit, Ultradense Deuterium, Acupuncture Science, Last Fix for Hubble
198 May 7 Show notes only Rachael Dunlop, Four Years of SGU, Oprah Signs Jenny McCarthy, Dark Matter, Six Degrees of Separation, Homeopathy Death, I Have Birds in my Pants
197 Apr 30 Show notes only Mark Crislip, Hidden Photons, Walking Seal, NASA and the Moon, Baby Chupacabras, Hoagland on Iapetus
196 Apr 22 Show notes only Seth Shostak, Cassini Pictures, Smallest Exoplanet, Huffington Post Pseudoscience, Personal Attacks from Age of Autism, Kelloggs Settles FTC Suit
195 Apr 15 Show notes only John Maddox Dies, The Hand of God, Flying Microbots, Darwin Awards, Homeopathy Nonsense, Belief in Ghosts,s: Corrections, Induction in Science, Randi Speaks
194 Apr 8 Show notes only Daniel Loxton, Dennis Lee Strikes Again, Computers That Do Science, Home Energy Scam
193 Apr 1 Show notes only Paul Murray, Mind Controlled Robot, Giant Protozoan, More Jenny McCarthy Nonsense
192 Mar 25 Show notes only Cold Fusion Again, Evolution Education in Texas, Synthetic Blood,s: Richard Saunders Open Letter to Pharmacists, Quantum Jumping, Super Chimney, Randi Speaks
191 Mar 18 Show notes only Phil Plait, Pope on HIV and Condoms, 20th Anniversary of the World Wide Web, Canada Science Minister and Evolution
190 Mar 12 Show notes only Kenneth Miller, Stem Cell Ban Lifted, When Chimps Attack, Mellow Yellow, Prince Charles Snake Oil
189 Mar 4 Show notes only Kenny Feder - Clovis Find, Vaccine Decision, Designer Babies, Riversnake Update, TAM7 Info
188 Feb 26 Show notes only Virtual Snowflakes, Evolution of Sex, Revenge of Titanoboa, Google Atlantis, Catboy, Missing Moon, Moon and Sun, Randi Speaks
187 Feb 11 Show notes only Angie McQuaig, The Pose and Darwin, Ben Goldacre vs the Media, Healing Laser, Starseeds, the eHolster, Randi Speaks
186 Feb 9 Show notes only Jon Ronson, Wakefield Fraud, Wearable Computer, Amish Fireplace, LHC Delay, Blood Type Follow Up, China Spacewalk Hoax
185 Feb 4 Ready for proofreading Massimo Pigliucci, New Items: Singularity University, Mammoth Extinction, Smallest Exoplanet,Blood Type Pseudoscience, Scientific Predictions
184 Jan 28 Ready for proofreading Tim Minchin interview, Mercury In Our Food, Vaccine Controversy Updates, Evolution - Lizards and Fire Ants, Obama UFO
183 Jan 21 Transcription in progress Alice Tuff, The Holographic Universe, Science Education in Texas and Louisiana, Pheromones, Dyslexia, Randi: Not in a Name
182 Jan 15 Show notes only Michio Kaku, Methane on Mars, Solar Storms, Mega MRI, Young Skeptics
181 Jan 7 Show notes only Psychic Predictions 2008, True Love, Jett Travolta, Christine Maggiorie, Detox Fail, Weblog Awards 2008, Randi Speaks
  2008   (episodes 128-180)
Ep. Date Sts. Non-News Segment(s) SoF Theme Interview Guest Rogue(s)
180 Dec 30 Show notes only 2008 SGU Year in Review: Best Skeptics, Worst Promoters of Woo, Coolest Science News, Funniest Moments, Favorite E-mails, and SGU Stats
179 Dec 23 Show notes only Jeremy Pivens Mercury Toxicity, Death by CAM, da Vinci Sketches Discovered, Medium Experiments Follow up, ET Life, Winter Myths
178 Dec 16 Show notes only Richard Wiseman, Reading Minds, Burglar Trapped by Ghost The Bloop, Evolution Questions
177 Dec 10 Show notes only Age of the Sphinx with Dr. James P Allen, Supernova Reflections and Milky Way's Black Hole with Phil Plait, Searching for Dyson Spheres, Skeptical Authority, Randi: Cold Reading
176 Dec 3 Show notes only Early Earth, Turtle Missing Link, Search for the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, Power from Sound, DNA from Hair, Magic Water, Starting a Skeptics Group, Carbon Footprint
175 Nov 20 Show notes only Steven Schafersman, Kevin Trudeau Smackdown, Placebo Acupuncture, NASA Recycles Urine, Reflexology in UK Schools, Flu Vaccine, NESS in Video Game
174 Nov 18 Show notes only Exoplanet Pictures, Neuroscience of Telepathy, Jonestown Massacre, Science Attitudes, More Info on Sperm Donation, Sleepwalking, Global Warming
173 Nov 12 Show notes only Paul Offit, Junk DNA, Mini Nuclear Reactor, Chandrayaan-1 Update, Phoenix Ends, Child Witches
172 Nov 5 Show notes only Greydon Square, Michael Crichton In Memoriam, Portable Space Shield, Oil from Fungus, Due Diligence, Randi: Wrong!
171 Oct 29 Show notes only Diana Blaney Vampire Moth, New Type of Planet, Artificial Heart, Polygraph for Debates, Science Debate 2008 Update
170 Oct 22 Show notes only Phil Plait Psychology of Superstition, Another Solar Breakthrough, UK UFO, Announcing SkepticBlog Blacklight Free Energy
169 Oct 11 Show notes only Perry DeAngelis Memorial Live Podcast Guests: Steve Mirsky and Terrence Hines
168 Oct 8 Show notes only PZ Myers, 2008 Nobel Awards, Turing Test Darwin Quote, Cosmology
167 Oct 1 Show notes only Matthew Chapman Dust and Snow on Mars, PETA Nonsense, Calorie Restriction Diet LHC Update, Correlation and Causation, Emergent Intelligence, Neanderthal DNA
166 Sep 24 Show notes only Sharon Begley LHC Problems, Worthless Acupuncture Studies, Japan Space Elevator, Belief and Credulity Real versus Scientific
165 Sep 17 Ready for proofreading Ben Goldacre interview, Goldacre Libel Victory, Stellar Mystery, Creationism in the UK, Pharma Conspiracy, Randi: The Media
164 Sep 10 Show notes only Ben Radford LHC Turned On, Elephant Math Bird Correction,Irradiated Food, Pseudoscience
163 Sep 3 Show notes only Live at DragonCon 2008 with Guests James Randi, Pamela Gay, and Derek Colanduno, The Milky Ways, Supermassive Blackhole, Live Q&A
162 Aug 26 Show notes only Richard Saunders WTC-7 Collapse, Neanderthal Tool Making, Rainbow Lady Follow Up Teleportation
161 Aug 20 Show notes only Adam Savage from Mythbusters,Remembering Perry, Monkey Eludes Dragnet, Bigfoot Body Hoax Revealed, Robot with Biological Brain, The Future of Doping,Special Report: JREF Psychic Challenge Report
160 Aug 13 Show notes only Captain Disillusion,Bigfoot Body Claim, Invisibility Cloak, Prince Charles on GM Food, Sprinkler Rainbow Lady
159 Aug 6 Show notes only Phil Plait and James Randi, James Doohan Ashes Lost, Solar Power Breakthrough, China Weather Control, The Montauk Monster, Where Does Matter Come From
158 Jul 30 Show notes only Banachek, Edgar Mitchell UFO Claims, UFOs and Terrorism, Gas from Garbage, House and the Therapeutic Diagnosis
157 Jul 23 Show notes only George Hrab, New Plutoid, Detox Danger, Amanda Peet Defends Vaccines, Barbara Walters Disses James Van Praagh, Allah Meat, Chaos Theory
156 Jul 16 Transcript Verified Neil deGrasse Tyson interview, Black hole hubbub, Its Just a Cracker, Tiktalik Nonsense, Micro Laser Surgery, Convincing Evidence
155 Jul 9 Show notes only James Randi, Einstein Right Again, Conservapedia Denies Evolution, Controversial Chelation Autism Study, Special Report: Roswell 61 Years Later
154 Jul 2 Show notes only Dr Dean Edell, Darwin-Wallace Anniversary, Tunguska Remembered, Creationst Bill Passes in Louisana, Nanowire Battery, SGU on Youtube, Collective Skeptics, Body Fruit, Randi: Speaker Cables
153 Jun 21 Show notes only Live at TAM6, Ice on Mars, Crop Circle Pi, Japanese Water Car, Psychic Alleges Sexual Abuse, FDA Crackdown, Spa Reflexology, Special Report-Brian Dunning Present Here Be Dragons Video, Live Q&A
152 Jun 11 Open for transcription Bacteria Evolve, The 100mpg Car, Unicorn Deer, Fishing Monkeys, Plutoids, Albinos in Africa, Special Report-Crystal Skulls, Coincidence, Green Nanoparticles
151 Jun 9 Show notes only Jon Blumenfeld, NPR Psychics, Mars Lander Update, Petaflop Supercomputers, Optical Illusions, Casey Predictions
150 Jun 4 Show notes only Walter Isaacson, New Hoax Alien Video, Solar Power from Sapce, Anti-Vaccine Mar on Washington, CAM in New Zealand Follow Up, Cold Fusion
149 May 28 Show notes only JPL Scientist Diana Blaney, Wi Fi Ban, New Zealand Considering CAM, Scientology Free Speech Follow Up, Medical Science Reporting, Tasmanian Tiger Corrections, Least Skeptical
148 May 21 Show notes only Carl Zimmer, Tasmanian Tiger Gene Resurrected, Mobile Phones and Pregnancy, Is Scientology a Cult, Supernova Caught in the Act, Michael Shull about Discovering Missing Matter, Radiometric Dating of Mt St Helens, Update on TAM6
147 May 14 Show notes only Martin Rundkvist, Einstein and God, The Vatican The UK and UFO's, China Quake Superstitions, NASA Announces Supernova Discovery, Creationism in Maine, Wizardry Followup
146 May 7 Transcript Verified SGU 3rd Anniversary, Florida Anti-Evolution Law Fails, Florida Teacher Fired for Wizardry, Special Report: Bobs Haunted Tour, T-Rex Proteins, Water Experiment, Misconceptions about Evolution, Consumer Reports and Homeopathy
145 Apr 30 Show notes only Kirsten Sanford, Mystery Lights in Maryland, Evolution Freedom Law in Florida, Gary Null-HIV Denier, Special Report: The Real Iron Man
144 Apr 23 Transcript Verified Simon Singh interview, Man Raised from Dead, Politics of Vaccines, Penis Theft Panic, Oldest Plant, The SGU Drinking Game, Space Junk, Brain Gym
143 Apr 16 Show notes only Eric Avery, Scientology Defection, Are Vitamins Harmful, Replicator Replicates Itself, ET Not Likely, Age of the Earth, Magnetic Water
142 Apr 9 Show notes only Yau-Man Chan, Skeptologists Shoot Complete, UK Psychic crackdown, LHC and the God Particle, Monty Hall Problem in Research, Cursing in Sanskrit
141 Apr 2 Show notes only The Skeptologists, Expelled Again, Human-Cow Hybrid, Tantric Killing Fails, Debunking Skeptics, Dinosaur Fossils on the Moon
140 Mar 26 Open for transcription Eugenie Scott, Rebecca's Asteroid, Airborne Lawsuit, Pregnant Man, Hypnotist Robber, Robin Migration, More on Soap
139 Mar 19 Show notes only Stephen Barrett, Arthur C. Clarke Dies at 90, Saudi Scholar Denies Holocaust, Michael Egnor on ID Podcast, Believers Stare at the Sun, Boy Scout Follow Up, Cosmetic Pseudoscience
138 Mar 12 Show notes only Ola Fincke about Science Education in Oklahoma, Ghosts in the Mind, US Government Settles Autism-Vaccine Case, Real Death Star, Drugs in the Water, The Skeptologists, Randi Speaks-about Gary Schwartz
137 Mar 5 Show notes only Special Report: Timeshare Scams, Spaceprobe Anomalies, Aromatherapy Study, McCain on Autism and Vaccines, CECTIC Skeptical Cartoon, Global Warming on Mars, Magneto Boy
136 Feb 27 Show notes only McFeng Sui, Anti-Scientific Medicine in South Africa, Type IV Civilization, Killer Robots, Favorite Science and Skeptical Books
135 Feb 20 Show notes only Robert FitzPatrick, Lunar Eclipse, Censoring Skeptics, Scientific Challenges of 21st Century, Dualism, Naadi Palm Leaf Reading
134 Feb 13 Show notes only PZ Myers, Bat Evolution, UK Officials Evict Ghost, Acupuncture and IVF, Alien Mind Control, Darwin Day, Fasting
133 Feb 6 Show notes only Richard Hayes, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Dies,More Perpetual Motion, Voting in Invisible Ink, Canadian Snake Oil, Organic Milk, Apocalypse 2012, SETI
132 Jan 30 Show notes only UK Homeopathy In Crisis, Creationist Research Journal, Facilitated Communication in the Courtroom, ABC Drama on Vaccines and Autism, Arabian Brain Drain, Got Milk, Psychic Cheat, Randi Speaks
131 Jan 23 Show notes only Guests Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay from Astronomy Cast, Texas UFO follow up, Mars Bigfoot, Homer on Mercury, Asteroid 2007 TU24, Bionic Eyes, Coast to Coast Gets Punked, Restless Leg Syndrome, Time Travel, Relativity
130 Jan 16 Show notes only Brian Dunning from Skeptoid, Scientists Make Beating Heart, Divining Intervention, UFO over Texas, Reaction to More Evidence Against Vaccines and Autism, Cruise Scientology Recruiting Video, The K-T Extinction
129 Jan 9 Show notes only John Rennie, SGU 5x5, The Reason Driven Podcast, Insects may have Killed the Dinosaurs, Biofuels, Neti Pots, Healing Magnets, Randi Speaks
128 Jan 2 Show notes only New Science Based Medicine Blog, Psychic Predictions 2007, Edward to Channel Irwin, Masters Degree in Creation Science, Magic Amulets, SGU for teachers, Magic Foot Pads, Quantum Entanglement and Warp Drive
  2007   (episodes 76-127)
Ep. Date Sts. Non-News Segment(s) SoF Theme Interview Guest Rogue(s)
127 Dec 26 Transcript Verified SGU 2007 Year In Review
126 Dec 19 Show notes only Richard Wiseman, Rebecca's Pilot, Magic Leg, Creationists New Strategy, Scientific Criticism, Cattle Mutilation, Eidetic memory, Puzzle
125 Dec 12 Show notes only Alex Tsakiris from Skeptiko about Paranormal Research and Skepticism, Puzzle
124 Dec 5 Show notes only Lawrence Krauss, Hucka-Bee, Moonbeams in Arizona, Chimp Memory, Anti-vaccine misinformation on Youtube, Stem Cell Con, Information Theory, Puzzle
123 Nov 28 Open for transcription Science and Faith, Computer Brain, Psychic Ripoff, Wifi and Autism, Skeptiko on Skeptics, Puzzle
122 Nov 20 Show notes only Judgment Day Censored, Blue Ghost Followup, Death by Energy Medicine, Photo Memory Manipulation, Special Feature: Our Day at the Psychic Fair, Bird Sex Correction, Puzzle
121 Nov 14 Show notes only Paul Kurtz, Judgment Day for ID, UFO Investigation, Universe loses weight, FDA Petition, Gas Station Ghost, BMI, Puzzle
120 Nov 7 Show notes only Greydon Square, Phenomenon, Robot cars, Jehovahs Witness death, Fat is Healthy, Judgment Day, Follow up on Mange, Special Request, Puzzle
119 Oct 30 Show notes only Ghosthunting Season, Report from the Homeopathy Conference, Rude 9-11 Truthers, Dinosaur Extinction, Mangy Bigfoot, Supplements, Spine tingling, Randi: Jaque Benveniste, Puzzle
118 Oct 24 Show notes only Joe Nickell, Autism and Vaccines, Ben Stein on OReilly, James Watson Followup, The Dangers of Pseudoscience, Honey, Flu Vaccine Myths, Puzzle
117 Oct 17 Show notes only Mark Crislip of QuackCast, Robot Marriage, Overeating Gene, New Dinosaur, Female Cult, Watson on Race, Randi: Best Mentalist Trick, Puzzle
116 Oct 10 Open for transcription Marc Abrahams of the IgNobels, Geller on NBC, More Acupuncture, Cell Phones and Cancer, World with Time, Energy Follow up, Slain by Woo, Puzzle
115 Oct 3 Show notes only Jon Blumenfeld, Tom Cruise Bunker, The View of a Flat Earth, Fly Boy Follow up, Martial Arts Woo, Vaccine follow up, 30 Year Battery, Orthomolecular Medicine, Puzzle
114 Sep 27 Show notes only Richard Saunders, Rebecca Wins, New Acupuncture Study, Academic Free Speech, Boy Survives Jet Ride, Smart Sex, Colloidal Silver, Randi: Faith Healers, Puzzle
113 Sep 19 Open for transcription Monkey Bird Love, Trouble for Trudeau, Free Energy, Medical Science, Judge believes in Elves, HPV Vaccine, Autism Nonsense on Oprah, Randi Speaks, Puzzle
112 Sep 12 Show notes only David Colquhoun, How the WTC Towers Fell, Burning Water, Extant Dodos, SGU Affiliations, Peanuts, King Tut Follow up, Billy Meier, Randi: Mentalism, Puzzle
111 Sep 5 Open for transcription Bill Nye the Science Guy, Airline Sacrifices Goats, King Tut, Is Race Real, The Persistence of Myth, Puzzle
110 Aug 28 Transcript Verified The Fans and Rogues remember Perry DeAngelis, - Jerry Andrus: Another Skeptic Passes, HIV Denial, Jesus Appears in Fence, Ben Stein Expelled, Puzzle
109 Aug 24 Ready for proofreading Perry DeAngelis 1963-2007, The Psychology of Belief - a lecture by Perry DeAngelis, The fans favorite clips of Perry
108 Aug 11 Show notes only Opening Remarks by Steven Novella and Steve Mirsky, MC Todd Robbins, Live Q&A: Autism Groups, Girls and Science, Nice Skepticism, Science Education
107 Aug 8 Show notes only Largest Planet Discovered, New Da Vinci Conspiracy, Korean Stem Cell Controversy, UK UFO Followup, Unproven Therapies, CO2 from Walking, AI Sense of Humor, Randi Speaks, Puzzle
106 Aug 1 Show notes only Barry Glassner, Death Cat, FDA Shuts Down DCA, Exorcisms Gone Bad, Ward Churchill Correction, The Man with No Brain, The Overview Effect, Randi Speaks, Puzzle
105 Jul 25 Open for transcription Jimmy Carter, Ward Churchill Fired, Homeopathic Surgeon, UK UFO, Asian Parasite Killing Bees, Electric Car, Brain Evolution, Puzzle
104 Jul 18 Show notes only Brian Trent, Author of Never Grow Old
103 Jul 11 Transcript Verified Scott Lilienfield, Most Distant Galaxy, Orbo Perpetual Motion Machine, Salt Water Fuel, Scientology and Homocide, Puzzle
102 Jul 3 Ready for proofreading Barry Beyerstein In Memoriam, Black Cohosh and Liver Failure, Echinacea Meta-analysis, Jury Accuracy, Bishops and Floods, HIV and Condoms, Chiropractic and Colic, Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy, Sickesz Follow Up, Puzzle
101 Jun 20 Show notes only Orac - The author of Respectful Insolence Science Blog, Do black holes exist, President Bush vetoes new stem cell bill, Legends for profit, Belgium skeptic sued, The Galileo gambit, Puzzle
100 Jun 19 Open for transcription SGU 100th Episode, 60 Years of Flying Saucers, Nano Drugs, Dino Big Bird, Home Buying Pseudoscience, Magneto and Son, Acupuncture Brain Surgery, Puzzle
99 Jun 13 Show notes only Phil Plait - The Bad Astronomer, Creationism Poll, Academic Freedom, Mercury-Autism Controversy in Court, Mr. Wizard Dies at 89, Rods, Zero Point Energy, Puzzle
98 Jun 6 Transcript Verified Creation Museum in Canada, NASA on Global Warming, Chiropractic in VA Hospitals, Death by Pseudoscience, UFO Drone CGI, New Loch Ness Video, Lunar Effect, Herxheimer Reaction, Chemtrails, Puzzle
97 May 30 Transcript Verified Creation Museum Opens, Licensing Psychics, Homeopaths Lame Response, China Follow Up, Kevin Trudeau, UFO Drone, Puzzle
96 May 23 Show notes only China Consultant Gareth Hayes, UK Scientists Reject Homeopathy, Boy Whose Parents Rejected Chemotherapy Dies, Scientology in Public Schools, Is Science Made Up, Legislating Thought, Puzzle
95 May 16 Show notes only Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay from Astronomy Cast, :Scientology vs the BBC, Rosie and 9-11, Star Kids, Multivitamins and Cancer, Moo UFO, Puzzle
94 May 9 Show notes only Barry Beyerstein, The Encyclopedia of Life, Nanotech Spidy Suit, Bigfoot Endangered, Corrections and Clarifications, Evolution Challenge, Puzzle
93 May 3 Show notes only Bug Girl - The Beetastrophy, Philly Shuts Down Psychics, Fire Melts Steel, Woman Hanged as Vampire, Drake Equation, EM Sensitivity, Hitler Fallacy Revisited, Genetic Drug Therapy, Puzzle
92 Apr 25 Show notes only Is Mental Illness Real, Earth-like Planet Discovered, Criminalizing Holocaust Denial follow up, Pill for Genetic Diseases, Bacterial Flagella Follow Up, Vitrification, - 9/11 Conspiracy, Puzzle
91 Apr 18 Show notes only Susan Blackmore, More ID Nonsense from Dr. Michael Egnor, Criminalizing Holocaust Denial, Puzzle
90 Apr 10 Show notes only Quantum Computer?, Fermilab Flub, Dieting News, Time Travel, Meta Analysis, Chiropractic Confusion, Death Star Conspiracy, Hugh Ross and Testable Creationism, Near Death Experiences, Puzzle
89 Apr 4 Show notes only 9/11 Conspiracy Celebrities, Holy Water for AIDS, Astrology Fails Again, Fairy Hoax, Avoiding the Holocaust, Neal Adams on Fox, Peanut Butter and Evolution, Peloop, When Birds Attack, Groupthink,Puzzle
88 Mar 28 Show notes only David Seaman, DC, UFO news, Houdini exhumed, Buhhda boy returns, PETA, GM foods, Satanic Barcode, Puzzle
87 Mar 21 Show notes only Robert Lancaster, Vernal Equinox, Prayer Meta-analysis, Creationist Teacher Fired, Polar Bear Euthanasia, Pluto Corrections, Herbal Remedies, Puzzle
86 Mar 14 Show notes only Update on the Tomb of Jesus, The Revenge of Pluto, Robot Rights, More ID Nonsense, ADHD, Nerves Conduct by Sound?, Puzzle
85 Mar 7 Show notes only Battle of the Diets, True Believers take on SGU, Modern Day Witch Trial, Billy Meier Apologst, Puzzle
84 Feb 28 Show notes only Kenny Feder: The Tomb of Jesus and More, Update on Scientific Literacy, Human-Chimp Split, Mary on Pizza Pan, Segment #2. Negativity, Vitamins, more on Angel Voices, Puzzle
83 Feb 21 Show notes only TAM5 Interviews Part V: with Julia Sweeney, Richard Wiseman and The Onion Editor Scott Dickers, Angels Voices, New JFK Footage, Bigfoot Foot, Psychics on Oprah, Zodiac Insurance, Puzzle
82 Feb 15 Show notes only TAM 5 Interviews Part IV with Christopher Hitchens and South Parks Matt Stone, Psychic Healer, Score 1 for Evolution in Kansas, Paranormal Research Center Closes, Monkey Feng Shui, Puzzle
81 Feb 7 Show notes only TAM5 Interviews Part III: Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer, and Mythbusters Adam Savage and Tory Belleci, Enviga Suit, Iran AIDS Cure, Creationists in Kenya, Follow up on Global Warming, Youngest Skeptic, Puzzle
80 Jan 31 Show notes only TAM5 Interviews Part II: John Rennie, Teller, Jim Underdown, Randi takes on Sylvia, The Hobbit Returns, The God Question, Cults and Religion, Puzzle
79 Jan 24 Transcript Verified TAM5 interviews with James Randi, Todd Robbins, Hal Bidlack & Eugenie Scott, Report from TAM5, Sylvia Browne, Tom Cruise the Christ, Meat-eating Rebecca, Terminal Velocity, Puzzle
78 Jan 15 Show notes only Stem Cell Debate, Randi Psychic Challenge (Jeff Wagg), Government Conspiracies, Herbal Remedies, Skeptical Movement, Scientology, Randi: Whats That Line, Puzzle
77 Jan 10 Show notes only Spencer Weart, author of The Discovery of Global Warming, Stem Cell Updates, Enviga, Hawking in Space, Weight loss pill firms fined, Corrections, The Moon, True belief skeletons, Randi: Coincidence, Puzzle
76 Jan 3 Show notes only NeuroLogica Blog, Evolution in Cobb County, 2006 Predictions, Homeopathy in Scotland, Salt Lamps, UFOs, Intelligent Forces, Chelation Therapy, Randi: Optical Illusions, Puzzle
  2006   (episodes 24-75)
Ep. Date Sts. Non-News Segment(s) SoF Theme Interview Guest Rogue(s)
75 Dec 27 Show notes only 2006 Year in Review: Join the Skeptics' Guide host and the rogues as they look back at the year in science, skepticism, and podcasting
74 Dec 20 Show notes only Carl Sagan, Sylvia Browne Update, IQ and Vegetarians, Santa Claus, Facilitated Communication, Randi Speaks, Puzzle
73 Dec 13 Open for transcription B. Alan Wallace Tree Octopus, Irans Holocaust Denial, Science and the Supernatural, Randi: Communication, Puzzle
72 Dec 6 Show notes only Paleontologist Ken Macleod - New Evidence for the Single Impact Theory, Holiday shopping scams, NASA plans moon base, Flowing water on Mars?, Molecular manufacturing, Hi from Down Under, Chiropractic HIV denial, Testing ID, High Tech Dowsing, Randi: End o
71 Nov 29 Show notes only Mark Crislip, Paranormal Computer Storage, ID in the UK, Corrections, Einstein, Ghost Photos, Neurolink, Randi: Mentalism, Puzzle
70 Nov 21 Show notes only Orgasm Day, Science of Deception, MoD warns of Aliens, Wonders of the World, top 10 Scientific Discoveries, Randi Speaks, Puzzle
69 Nov 15 Show notes only Seth Shostak, Qi-Gong on You Tube, Cryotherapy,Chicken-Tac-Toe, Hallucinations, Chiropractic, Religion and Mental Illness, Randi Speaks, Puzzle
68 Nov 8 Open for transcription Kent Hovind Convicted, UFO Mocumentary, Bigfoot in Academia, Learn while you Sleep, Dolphin Legs, Edgar Cayce, Quantum Love, Distribution of Pseudoscience, Workplace Skepticism, Puzzle
67 Nov 1 Show notes only Richard Wiseman, Pseudohistory of Exorcism, Glossolalia, Elephant Mirrors, Holiday Weight, Anti-skeptics, Fox Parkinsons and Stem Cells, Face on Earth, Randi Speaks
66 Oct 25 Show notes only Michael Stebbins, Scientists and Engineers for America, The Physics of Ghosts and Vampires, What killed the dinosaurs?, Hallucinations, UFO cults, Randi: People in Space, Puzzle
65 Oct 18 Show notes only Geller's Heir, Human speciation, New Element 118, The 7th Fleet, Moon Robots, Vegetarians, Vitamin Supplements, Randi: Homeopathy, Puzzle
64 Oct 11 Show notes only Stuart Vyse, Author of The Psychology of Supersition, Friday 13th, Teaching Evolution in Michigan, Science in the UK, Comet to hit Earth, Water Cycle, Selling the Moon, Randi: Aromatherapy
63 Oct 4 Show notes only Michael Shermer - Author of Why Darwin Matters, Skepchick-dude Calendars, Sexual arousal, Harry Potter, Autism, Skepticism and sensitivity, Randi: Business Astrology, Puzzle
62 Sep 27 Transcript Verified Joe Nickell interview, Global Warming update, Face on Mars, Lightning Rods, Psychic Astrology, Randi: Left Behind, I have monkeys in my pants, Puzzle
61 Sep 20 Open for transcription James Randi Joins the Skeptics Guide, Male-Female Intelligence, Exorcism rape, Phil Plait, The Bad Astronomer, about Eris, Pluto, NASA and more, OBE's, More on 9/11, Denial, Randi Speaks, Puzzle
60 Sep 13 Show notes only 9/11 news, Report from Mexico, No Gulf War Syndrome,Persistant Vegetative State, Math vs Science, Thinking about the dead, Moon Hoax, Puzzle
59 Sep 5 Show notes only Ed Warren Dies, New ESP claims, Evolution of Superstition, Korean fan deaths, New UK Homeopathy law, Science beliefs, Recycling, Puzzle
58 Aug 30 Show notes only Kimball Atwood, MD, Pope and ID, Hitler and Stalin Possessed, Pluto not a planet, Kabbalah,Archaeological conspiracies, Skeptical Soldier, Abiogenesis Pseudoscience, Puzzle
57 Aug 23 Show notes only Larry Sarner, Water Tree Solved, Mystery Creature in Maine, Creationism update, Planet definition, Acupuncture followup, Puzzle
56 Aug 15 Show notes only Ken Feder, Evolution Survey, water tree, Abiogenic Origin of Oil,Dinosaur Petroglyphs, Acupuncture, Puzzle
55 Aug 9 Open for transcription Steve Salerno, Happy Birthday James Randi, Archimedes Palimpsest, Science and Falsifiability, Skeptics track record, FDA, Puzzle
54 Aug 2 Show notes only Creationism Museum, Kansas votes out Creationists, Coulter throws down the gauntlet, Exorcism, PC, Chiropractic, Singularity, Puzzle
53 Jul 26 Show notes only Possible increase for NASA budget, Indigo children, Monkey eating eagle, Bird flight, Teachers respond to textbook criticism, Puzzle
52 Jul 19 Show notes only Bill Bennetta, The Textbook League, Rebecca Returns, Precious Bodily Fluids, World Jump Day,Follow up on Neal Adams, Women in Science, Puzzle
51 Jul 12 Show notes only Neal Adams, Space Shuttle Mission, Asteroid near miss, Psychedelic mushrooms, Kevin Barrett and 9/11 conspiracies,More on supplements, Peak Oil?, Puzzle
50 Jul 5 Show notes only Gerald Posner, author of Case Closed, Second hand smoke,Binaural Beats, Aubrey de Grey, Puzzle (answer plus new puzzle)
49 Jun 28 Transcript Verified Theory of Evolution, Agnosticism, Magnet therapy, Regulating supplements, Neuroethics, Puzzle
48 Jun 21 Show notes only Steve Mirsky, Scientific American, Herbs for menopause, Anne Coulter and evolution,Penta Water, Alcoholism a disease?, Puzzle
47 Jun 14 Open for transcription Zachary Moore: Evolution 101, Feng-shui, Hawking on space travel,Consensus on Global Warming, God and the Big Bang
46 Jun 7 Show notes only Phil Plait: The Bad Astronomer,Satans day, Skepchick infiltrates Christian Scientists, Altruism genes, Follow up on 9/11 Hoax
45 May 31 Show notes only SGU Forum, 9-11 footage, UK Doctors fight against Alternative Med,Cancer Cures, Dream Interpretation, Science vs God, Suns temperature
44 May 24 Show notes only James Randi News: Human/chimp hybrid, China mirage
43 May 17 Show notes only Ray Hyman, News: Bosnian Pyramid update, Mormon cult leader hits FBI list, Paranormal mysteries, Science education, Scientology super powers
42 May 10 Show notes only Eugenie Scott, News: UFO's in the UK, Scientology Superheroes,Tracking Satellites, Drinking water
41 May 3 Show notes only Bosnian pyramids, Toxic Cruise,Bubble Universes, Iridology, Black holes, and the Origin of life, Discussion: The Scope of Skepticism
40 Apr 26 Show notes only Brian Trent, author of Remembering Hypatia, Sonoma Bigfoot revealed, Channeling John Lennon,More on Hurricanes and Birthdays, Bananas and logical fallacies
39 Apr 19 Show notes only Marilyn Schlitz, ESP researcher, More on the polar ice caps, Sad Monkeys, spinal stem cells and mercury amalgam,gene multiplication, Skeptical Tools
38 Apr 12 Open for transcription Bill Nye, Tom Cruise, Time Travel, Global Warming, Happy Face on Mars,Evolution, more on the flood, the psychosomatic effect and
37 Apr 6 Show notes only Fish evolution, prayer in medicine, Noah's ark,EVP, more on the solar eclipse
36 Mar 29 Show notes only Rick Ross, Solar Eclipse,The Woman who Never Forgets, Panspermia, Hydrino power, Bigfoot, Microwaves
35 Mar 22 Show notes only More on Scientology and South Park, Noah's Ark, Bigfoot or Bison, Cancer quacks, creationism in UK, DNA vs the Mormons
34 Mar 15 Show notes only Buddha Boy, El Chupacabra, Scientology and South Park, What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole, Water on enceladus
33 Mar 9 Show notes only Rebecca Watson - founder of the Skepchicks, Magnet Therapy, Tax scams, Plastic Scare
32 Mar 1 Show notes only More on ID, Holy hardware, G-spot, Oil crisis, The 12th planet
31 Feb 22 Open for transcription Terrence Hines - author of Pseudoscience and the Paranormal
30 Feb 15 Show notes only New UFO Coverup, Randi, ID, Jesus in court, Cholesterol and colon cleansing
29 Feb 8 Show notes only Featured Website: Two sites on Science Myths, Feynman on Education and Textbooks, , Going Beyond Science?
28 Feb 1 Show notes only Tara Smith of Iowans for Science, , More on HIV Denial
27 Jan 25 Transcript Verified Ask the Skeptic, Two Views of American Education, Government and wacky science
26 Jan 17 Show notes only Eric Altman from the Penn Bigfoot Society, Psychic Predictions for 2005, Darwin Day
25 Jan 11 Show notes only Did Castro Kill JFK, Discussion Items: Iran Denies the Holocaust, Cell Research Fraud in South Korea, Political Correctness vs Freedom of Speech
24 Jan 6 Show notes only James Randi
  2005   (episodes 1-23)
Ep. Date Sts. Non-News Segment(s) SoF Theme Interview Guest Rogue(s)
23 Dec 21 Ready for proofreading Jan Helen McGee - Psychic Detective, Victory for Science and Reason in Dover
22 Dec 14 Ready for proofreading Holiday Scams, Discussion Topics: Eye Evolution, Venus the UFO, Video Games and Seizures, Psychic Detectives
21 Dec 7 Ready for proofreading Wallace Sampson, MD - Editor of the Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine, ID and Weeping Icons
20 Nov 23 Transcript Verified Tom W. Clark - founder of, ID Update
19 Nov 16 Transcript Verified ID and Idiocy, Putting the Psi into Science, The Starchild Project
18 Nov 2 Transcript Verified Halloween Ghost Stories, Astrology vs Astronomy
17 Oct 26 Transcript Verified Joe Nickell - paranormal investigator
16 Oct 12 Ready for proofreading Glen G. Sparks
15 Oct 6 Transcript Verified Chris Mooney: Author of The Republican War on Science
14 Sep 28 Transcript Verified UFO Landing Strip, ID Update, Bigfoot Convention, Katrina Myths and Conspiracies
13 Sep 14 Transcript Verified 9/11 Conspiracies
12 Sep 7 Transcript Verified Steve Milloy
11 Aug 31 Transcript Verified Bob Park: author of Voodoo Science
10 Aug 23 Ready for proofreading In Memoriam: Phil Klass and Robert Baker, Childrens Books
9 Aug 10 Transcript Verified Bush-The Pope-and evolution -again, Atlantis, Modern Witch Hunts, Science and Hollywood
8 Aug 2 Transcript Verified Steven Salerno: author of SHAM
7 Jul 20 Transcript Verified The Pope on Potter and evolution, Ghostbusting with Penn & Teller, Ask the Skeptic, Quackwatch
6 Jul 7 Transcript Verified Science Magazine's 125 things we do not know, Tom Cruise, Scientology and Psychiatry, CT Warning on e-scams, Ramada Inn in Stratford Haunted
5 Jun 29 Ready for proofreading Michael Shermer
4 Jun 15 Transcript Verified Update on Kansas Evolution Debate, Alternative Theories of Matter
3 Jun 7 Transcript Verified Massimo Pigliucci interview, Update on ID film in the Smithsonian Institution
2 Jun 1 Transcript Verified Kansas Evolution Update, Discovery Institute preview at Smithsonian Institute, Stem Cell Research, Crop Circle Season
1 May 4 Transcript Verified ID, Reverse Engineering UFOs, Magicians, and Exploding Toads