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* [[Template:InfoBox]] - info box for episode
* [[Template:InfoBox]] - info box for episode
* [[Template:Numerical_titles]]
* [[Template:Numerical_titles]]
==== Template Reference ====
* [https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Advanced_templates wikimedia/Help:Advanced_templates]
* [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Extension:ParserFunctions mediawiki/Help:Extension:ParserFunctions]
* [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Template wikipedia/Help:Template]

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A Texan Computer Scientist living and working in Houston, Texas.

@bshirley on twitter


I have been adding templates to the Templates category, they are all sub categorized which makes them harder to discover. I think categorizing them all improves that. Some of them are not editable by me, however. So here's the list I'm keeping for myself of those.

Template Reference


Wednesday 29 June 2022

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Desirable Template

For suggested placement at the end of the Science or Fiction section.

After investigation, I suspect this is desirable to implement as an extension. I plan on installing a local wiki and working on that.

|host=Steve <!--- asker of the questions --->
|topic1=whiskers <!--- short word or phrase representing the item --->
|rogue1=Bob <!--- rogues in order of response --->
|answer1=whiskers <!--- guess, using one of the topic's names --->

Would output something like:

Science or Fiction (581)
Steve crushed
Bob whiskers
Jay whiskers
Evan whiskers
Cara whiskers
other topics

Suggested colorings:

Host Colorings
swept #ccffcc all the rogues guessed one of the incorrect items
scattered #ccccff each item was guessed at least once (Steve's preferred result)
mixed #ffffcc some wrong, some right
crushed #ffcccc all the rogues guessed the correct answer
Rogue Colorings
correct #ccffcc correctly selected the fiction item
incorrect #ffcccc selected one of the science items

Template Output

<!--- SOFResults template output --->
!colspan=2|{{anchorencode:SOFResults}}Science or Fiction ({{episode}})
!colspan=2|other topics
|colspan=2 style="text-align:center"|{{topic2}}
|colspan=2 style="text-align:center"|{{topic3}}
<!--- end SOFResults --->