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Universities mentioned on the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe and the context in which they were mentioned.

University LinkToSegment Description
University of Ferrarra in Italy SGU_Episode_3#Interview_with_Massimo_Pigliucci_.2816:22.29 Massimo Pigliucci got a degree there
University of Connecticut SGU_Episode_3#Interview_with_Massimo_Pigliucci_.2816:22.29 Massimo Pigliucci got a degree there
University of Tennessee (at Knoxville) SGU_Episode_3#Interview_with_Massimo_Pigliucci_.2816:22.29 Massimo Pigliucci got a degree there
Colorado University SGU_Episode_5#Interview_with_Michael_Shermer_.2810:00.29 Soldiers in Iraq should be shot
University of Hawaii at Manoa SGU_Episode_8#Science_or_Fiction_.288:30.29 Caterpillar eats snails
Purdue University SGU_Episode_8#Science_or_Fiction_.288:30.29 Cold fusion
Maharishi University SGU_Episode_8#Steven_Salerno_Interview:_Self_Help_Movement_.2820:53.29 Self help movement
Harvard University SGU_Episode_9#Conclusion_.281:01:30.29 Published a book on alien abduction
University of Maryland SGU_Episode_11#Interview_with_Robert_Park Dr. Robert Park teaches there
University of Berne SGU_Episode_11#Studying_Alternative_Medicine_.2812:16.29 Homeopathy is a placebo
University of Arkansas SGU_Episode_12#Atkins_Diet_and_Nutrition_.2837:50.29 Atkins weight loss not impressive
Harvard University SGU_Episode_12#Atkins_Diet_and_Nutrition_.2837:50.29 Trans fat is bad
Purdue University SGU_Episode_16#Glenn_Sparks_Interview_.280:24.29 Glenn Sparks works there
University of Wisconsin, Madison SGU_Episode_16#Survey_Results_.2816:18.29 Glenn Sparks studied there
University of Kentucky SGU_Episode_17#Bleeding_Statues_and_Joe.27s_Personas_.2834:33.29 Joe Nickell studied there
Temple University School of Medicine SGU_Episode_18#Science_or_Fiction_.288:31.29 St. John's Wort protein suppresses HIV
Rensselaer Research SGU_Episode_18#Science_or_Fiction_.288:31.29 T-Rays
University of Southern Maine SGU_Episode_19#Million_Dollar_Bigfoot_Challenge_.285:30.29 Million dollar Bigfoot challenge
University of Edinburgh SGU_Episode_19#Putting_the_.27Psi.27_Into_Science_.2830:19.29 ESP experiments
University of Kansas SGU_Episode_20#Intelligent_Design_and_Kansas_University_.281:16.29 Intelligent design taught as religion, not science
Boston University SGU_Episode_20#Intelligent_Design_and_the_Great_Debate Hosted the Great Debate on Intelligent Design
George Mason University SGU_Episode_20#Intelligent_Design_and_the_Great_Debate James Trefil teaches there
University of Vermont SGU_Episode_20#Free_Will Derk Pereboom wrote argued against free will
Duke University SGU_Episode_20#Free_Will Owen Flanagan works there, helped write The Problem of the Soul
University of Kansas SGU_Episode_21#Intelligent_Design_Course_Withdrawn_.281:_13.29 Withdrew Intelligent Design Course
Stanford University SGU_Episode_21#Interview_with_.22Wallace_Sampson.2C_MD.22_.288:20.29 Wallace Sampson, guest on the SGU, works there
Syracuse University SGU_Episode_22#Science_or_Fiction_.288:52.29 Bat genital size
Harvard University SGU_Episode_22#Alien_Abductees_.2835:18.29 Studied “alien abductees” for false memories
Seoul National University SGU_Episode_25#Stem_Cell_Research_Fraud_.2855:26.29 Stem Cell research fraud
Duke University SGU_Episode_27#Stolen_Memories_.288:20.29 Memories can be “stolen”
University of Canterbury SGU_Episode_27#Stolen_Memories_.288:20.29 Memories can be “stolen”
University of Michigan SGU_Episode_28#Interview_with_Tara_Smith_.2825:57.29 Tara Smith did her post doc there
University of Iowa SGU_Episode_28#Interview_with_Tara_Smith_.2825:57.29 Tara Smith teaches there.
Lakehead University SGU_Episode_31#WiFi_networks_and_leukemia.2C_brain_tumours_.280:40.29 Limited wifi on their campus because of radiation
Pace University SGU_Episode_31#Science_or_Fiction_.2822:50.29 Terence Hines has a PhD there.
Johns Hopkins University SGU_Episode_33#Plastic_Scare_.2814:23.29 Falsely quoted in a plastic scare spam email.
University of California SGU_Episode_36#The_Woman_who_Never_Forgets_.2815:02.29 Researchers there are studying a woman who never forgets anything
Duke University SGU_Episode_37#Prayer_in_Medicine_.2814:130 Dr. Harold Koenig, the director of the Center of Spirituality and Theology dismissed a study that showed prayer does not help medical patients.
Ohio State University SGU_Episode_38#Science_or_Fiction_.2853:33.29 Aaron Wickman published a study that shows no difference in IQ scores between older and younger siblings.
University of Arizona SGU_Episode_39#Interview_with_Marilyn_Schlitz_.2836:34.29 Marilyn Schlitz just came from a conference there called “Towards Science Consciousness”
Southern Connecticut State University SGU_Episode_40#Birthday_Problem_.2822:17.29 Evan Bernstein gave a lecture on the birthday problem there
Sheffield Hallam University SGU_Episode_42#UFO.27s_in_the_UK_.282:11.29 Dr. David Clark requested the results of a UK UFO study that showed no evidence of aliens. The request resulted in media attention.
University of Washington SGU_Episode_42#UFO.27s_in_the_UK_.282:11.29 Eugenie Scott lectured to an audience there
Johns Hopkins University SGU_Episode_43#Interview_with_Ray_Hyman_.2827:45.29 Ray Hyman got a PhD is psychology there
Harvard University SGU_Episode_43#Interview_with_Ray_Hyman_.2827:45.29 Ray Hyman taught psychology and statistics there
Princeton University SGU_Episode_43#Ganzfeld_Experiements_.2828:39.29 Robert Jahn, the Dean of Applied Sciences and Engineering wrote a positive article on parapsychology that got a lot of attention.
Cambridge University SGU_Episode_43#Ganzfeld_Experiements_.2828:39.29 The Parapsychological Association and the Society for Psychical Research had their 100th anniversary celebration there
University of Rochester SGU_Episode_43#Science_or_Fiction_.2865:52.29 Robert Boyd made light go backward
Penn State University SGU_Episode_43#Science_or_Fiction_.2865:52.29 A publication by Abhey Ashtekar says there was a quantum bounce instead of a Big Bang
Everglades University SGU_Episode_44#The_Amaz.21ng_Meeting_4_.2834:28.29 Offering a Bachelor of Science degree in alternative medicine
University of Cincinnati SGU_Episode_47#Interview_with_Zachary_Moore_.2829:58.29 Zachary Moore earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine there
University of Texas SGU_Episode_47#Interview_with_Zachary_Moore_.2829:58.29 Zachary Moore was a post-grad assistant there at the time
University of Michigan SGU_Episode_47#Science_or_Fiction_.281:07:16.29 Conducted a study showing that people get happier as they get older
Cornell University SGU_Episode_48 Steve Mirsky got a Masters degree in chemistry there
University of Oklahoma SGU_Episode_49#Gerald_Schroeder_on_God_.2812:05.29 Frank Sonnleitner criticized an intelligent design proponent
University of Minnesota SGU_Episode_49#Science_or_Fiction_.2848:38.29 Researched ways to reduce kidney stone formation in astronauts
University of Buffalo SGU_Episode_49#Science_or_Fiction_.2848:38.29 Researchers there found wearing seat belts reduced the risk of fatality in an accident
University of Alberta SGU_Episode_49#Science_or_Fiction_.2848:38.29 Patented a device that uses ultrasound to regrow teeth
Yale University SGU_Episode_62#Science_or_Fiction_.281:07:38.29 A study there found artificially high levels of testosterone can cause cells to induce their own death. Also, Steve says he works there.
Brown University SGU_Episode_98#Science_or_Fiction_.2853:53.29 Physicists there looked at the motion of an electron through super-cold liquid helium
Northwestern University SGU_Episode_102#Study:_1_in_6_Juries_Get_the_Verdict_Wrong_.2817:33.29 Study shows that 1 in 6 juries get the verdict wrong
Emory University SGU_Episode_103#Interview_with_Scott_Lilienfield_.2834:33.29 Scott Lilienfield is a clinical psychologist and professor there
Colorado University SGU_Episode_105#Ward_Churchill_Fired_.282:26.29 Fired Ward Churchill for academic misconduct, including plagiarism. He said it was because of his views about 9/11 conspiracies.
George Mason University SGU_Episode_110#Science_or_Fiction_.2858:25.29 A study there showed that husbands do less work than live-in boyfriends
Maharishi University of Management SGU_Episode_150#New_Alien_Video_.281:50.29 Stan Romanek (a delusional believer according to Steve) went there
Osaka University SGU_Episode_150#Cold_Fusion Yoshiaka Arata believes he has discovered cold fusion
University of Buffalo SGU_Episode_150#Science_or_Fiction_.281:06:24.29 Study shows it is psychologically healthy to keep feelings inside rather than discussing them after collective traumatic events like 9/11.
University of Texas at Austin SGU_Episode_156#Zapping_Cancer_Cells_.2819:34.29 Engineers there created surgical lasers so accurate that they can destroy cancer cells, leaving their neighbor cells unaffected
Bristol University SGU_Episode_165#Science_or_Fiction_.281:04:43.29 Research suggests the rise of the dinosaurs was due to pure luck
Pennsylvania State University SGU_Episode_184#Evolution_Before_Our_Eyes_.2814:09.29 A study saw evolution happening
Stony Brook University SGU_Episode_185#Interview_with_Massimo_Pigliucci_.2833:39.29 Massimo Pigliucci is a professor of ecology and evolution there
University of Florida SGU_Episode_201#Question_.23_1_-_Polonium_Halos_.2825:29.29 A creationist named Robert V. Gentry got a Master's in Physics there
University of Rhode Island SGU_Episode_201#Who.27s_That_Noisy_.281:16:56.29 Scientists recorded the sound of an Atlantic Croaker fish
University of Leeds SGU_Episode_202#Volcanic_Extinction_.2810:52.29 Scientists discovered a volcanic eruption mass-extinction event that had been previously unknown
University of Bristol SGU_Episode_203#Interview_with_Bruce_Hood_.2833:13.29 Bruce Hood (a guest on the SGU) works there
Brown University SGU_Episode_245#Rise_of_the_Dinosaurs_.285:36.29 The rise of the dinosaurs was caused by volcanism
University of New York SGU_Episode_252#Nonsense_on_Stilts_.281:33.29 Massimo Pigliucci works there
Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane SGU_Episode_252#Definition_of_Siphon_.2811:11.29 Stephen Hughes discovered that oxford has used the wrong definition of siphon for the last 100 years
Univeersity of Gothenburg SGU_Episode_257#Einstein.27s_Brain_.289:22.29 Studied astrocytes
Queen's University in Kingston, Canada SGU_Episode_257#Science_or_Fiction_.281:00:07.29 Computer simulation shows many comets in our solar system originated in other solar systems
Penn State University SGU_Episode_271#Losing_Your_Religion_.281:02.29 Did a crappy study looking at health and religion
Cornell University SGU_Episode_271#Halfalogue_.2831:51.29 Lauren Emberson studied how distracting it is to hear one end of a cellphone conversation
University of Toronto SGU_Episode_271#Science_or_Fiction_.281:00:58.29 Todd Reichert achieved sustained human-powered flight with an ornithopter (has flapping wings)
University of Paris SGU_Episode_328#This_Day_in_Skepticism_.282:09.29 In 1398, academics there declared that magic is real and dangerous
University of Sydney SGU_Episode_328#Science_or_Fiction_.281:01:02.29 Including enough protein in our diets rather than just cutting calories curbs appetities
Northwestern University SGU_Episode_331#Science_or_Fiction_.281:00:43.29 Scientists there improved the charging rate of lithium-ion batteries ten-fold (they wear out faster though)
Southern Cross University SGU_Episode_339#Name_That_Logical_Fallacy_.2850:20.29 The school of health there teaches alternative medicine, and a professor there defended the practice
Uppsala University SGU_Episode_340#Science_or_Fiction_.2857:06.29 Researchers associate lack of sleep with increased appetite
University of Tokyo SGU_Episode_345#Missing_Dark_Matter_.2812:37.29 Researchers show galaxies could be connected by a web of dark matter
Cornell University SGU_Episode_345#Nanoparticle_Safety_.2829:11.29 Nanoparticles in food could harm human health
Yale University SGU_Episode_346#Science_or_Fiction_.281:03:26.29 Triceratops and Torosaurus were two separate species, not one