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  Emblem-pen.png This section (or 5x5 episode) is in the middle of being transcribed (as of {{{date}}}). To help avoid duplication, please do not transcribe this section while this message is displayed.


Include this template when you start transcribing a segment so that other people know it is being worked on.

Please note that if the segment is not edited for a long period, this template may be removed by admin and made available to other contributors.

If you would like to transcribe an entire episode, see Template:Transcribing all


The date on which the segment was claimed must be added:

|date        = [date]

Additional options:

|transcriber = [username]

To add it to a page, simply copy and paste the text below, adding the date after 'date =', and your username after the 'transcriber ='.


|date        =
|transcriber =