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|style="text-align: center"|[[SGU Episode {{{episode}}}|{{{episode}}}]] |style="text-align: center;" style=white-space:nowrap|{{{date}}} |style="padding-left: 0.5em;padding-right: 0.3em" data-sort-value={{{status}}}|


This template is used to add formatted entries to the sortable table on the SGU Episodes page.


Entries should be added in order, as the table does not automatically order itself on opening.

The parameter "status" can be one of the following: "incomplete" to enter the transcription in progress icon (Transcription in progress), "verified" to enter the tick icon (Transcript Verified) when verified, and "open" to enter the open icon (Open for transcription), indicating when sections are open to other transcribers.


{{SGU list entry
|episode    = 378                      <!-- episode number -->
|date       = 2012-10-13               <!-- broadcast date -->
|status     = incomplete               <!-- when transcript complete, remove value -->