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<sup style="white-space: nowrap;">[<i><span title="This item needs an internal link" style="color: blue; cursor: pointer;">link needed</span></i>]</sup><includeonly>{{Numerical titles
<sup style="white-space: nowrap;">[<i>[[Help:How to Contribute#Unidentified internal links|<span title="This item needs an internal link">link needed</span>]]</i>]</sup><includeonly>{{Numerical titles
|page      = {{PAGENAME}}
|page      = {{PAGENAME}}
|category  = Needs internal links
|category  = Needs internal links

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[link needed]


Use this template to signify an item that should be linked to another transcript page, but for which that page doesn't exist or hasn't yet been found.

This also adds the page to the hidden category Needs internal links


S: We discussed this story on a previous show{{Link needed}}.


{{Link needed}}