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  Emblem-pen-orange.png This episode needs:
Please help out by contributing!
How to Contribute


Please include this template at the top of pages that require attention. This not only shows what's needed, but also adds the page to the 'Needs attention' category and its sub-categories for other contributors to see lists of pages needing work. It also creates links to the relevant "How to Contribute" sections.


You can copy/paste the following code into your page, removing lines as appropriate.

{{Editing required (w/links)
|transcription          = y
|proofreading          = y    <!-- please only include when some transcription is present. -->
|time-stamps            = y
|formatting             = y
|links                  = y
|Today I Learned list   = y
|categories             = y
|segment redirects      = y     <!-- redirect pages for segments with head-line type titles -->

With all contribution types set as "needed", the box will render thus:

  Emblem-pen-orange.png This episode needs: transcription, proofreading, time stamps, formatting, links, 'Today I Learned' list, categories, segment redirects.
Please help out by contributing!
How to Contribute