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Podcast 354 - April 28, 2012

Live from NECSS 2012 with special guest James Randi This Day in Skepticism News Items: Pedantic Words, Sports Pseudoscience, Nuking Asteroids, Loch Ness Monster Spotted, Cosmic Rays, Space Shuttle Enterprise SGU Video Science or Fiction Remembering Perry

Segment: This Day in Skepticism April 28, 1953 A U.S. patent was issued for an overcoat for two people (or Siamese Twins) to Howard C. Rossin (No. 2,636,176).

Segment: News Items Pedantic Words Sports Pseudoscience special report Nuking Asteroids Splotch Ness Monster Space Shuttle Enterprise Quickie with Bob

Segment: SGU Video SGU Video

Segment: Science or Fiction [ Click Here to Show the Answers ] Item #1 A hen in Sri Lanka has given birth to a live chick, fully formed and healthy. Item #2 Scientists report successfully treating neuronal hearing loss in a trial using stem-cell therapy. Item #3 The most accurate study so far of the motion of stars near our sun find no evidence of dark matter in our vicinity, contradicting current models.

Segment: Remembering Perry Remembering Perry A Tribute to the Venerable Perry DeAngelis I am a sceptic. I am a free thinker. I discard drivel and exonerate exactitude. I thank Perry DeAngelis. I'm a relatively new listener to the Sceptics' Guide, only tuning in to the weekly podcast since November 2011. In a desperate attempt to fill my week-long sceptical void (i.e. the 6 days between new podcast releases) I've been listening to the archive – starting from episode 1! I have just endured the most difficult episode to date, namely, the Perry DeAngelis tribute episode. Since those tentative first few episodes, when I asked myself - Who is this DeAngelis character, and why isn't he podcasting anymore? I researched his ultimate fate, and knew this day was inevitable. It has been particularly painful this last week listening to the episodes where Perry would phone in his sceptical quote from his hospital bed, knowing what was in store. It saddens me deeply that I never knew him while he was alive, but I'm grateful to have become acquainted with him over the past 6 months. He, and the other members of the SGU, have been the best company on my daily walks to-and-from college. The sceptical community has lost a courageous icon. I think it truly stands testament to him and his character when 5 years on, he still deeply touches people and continues to inspire a movement though this podcast. Being a poor student, I'll forgo eating this week to make a donation to the Perry DeAngelis Memorial Fund! (Just kidding, noodles all the way! ) I pay homage to the exceptional life this man has led, delivering to the masses a copious dollop of intellect and laughter every week! I will forever hold him in the highest esteem. Best wishes, A Devoted DeAngelis Disciple Kevin O'Connell Cork, Ireland

Segment: Skeptical Quote of the Week Skeptical Quote of the Week "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynisism by those who have not got it" - George Bernard Shaw