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This page lists the templates available for use on For further descriptions and information on usage, see the template pages themselves.

Text transclusion[edit]

Episode lists[edit]

These templates are used as a central place to add/update the lists of transcription pages on the site.

Intros & Outros[edit]

The SGU has had a number of different outros over the years. Inserting the following templates transcludes the voiceover at the end of an episode.

episodes 289 & 290 use the same text as 291-300, but are voiced by Steve

Quick text & links[edit]

  • W – creates in-line link to Wikipedia

The following templates can be used to insert the full name of frequently used organizations, with or without the external link

  • SGU – inserts: Skeptics' Guide to the Universe
  • CSICOP – inserts: Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
  • NESS – inserts: New England Skeptical Society
  • Sbm – inserts: Science-Based Medicine
  • George Hrab – inserts: GH: George Grab, American musician & podcaster


  • Category info – uniform blurb on the indexing of articles listed on a category page
  • top – adds a navigate button to go back to the top of the page

Message boxes[edit]

Message boxes are temporarily added to highlight the page's status, e.g. in progress, needs editing/proof-reading etc.

The following message boxes are used as place holders to avoid duplication:

  • Transcribing – indicates transcription of a segment is in progress (best at top of page)
  • Transcribing section – indicates which segment is in progress (best above specific section)
  • Transcribing all – indicates transcription of entire episode is in progress
  • Proofreading – indicates proofreading of segment is in progress
  • Proofreading all – indicates proofreading of entire episode is in progress
  • Adding links for all – indicates links are being added to transcription of entire episode; proofreading still necessary

For a simple way to leave a message behind for other editors, use this generic MessageBox. Of course, general viewers will see the message, so don't use it inappropriately.


Table entries[edit]

Templates are an easy way to add formatted entries into table cells or rows.

Icons & images[edit]

  • Navigation – 3 images linking to the previous page, top of the current page, and the next episode, respectively. This is added at the very bottom of every transcription page
  • 5X5 Navigation – as Navigation, but for 5X5 episodes


When these templates are added to a page, they add that page to the relevant category.