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This page is very much "in progress", if you have any suggestions / comments, please add them to the discussion page.--Teleuteskitty (talk) 19:58, 1 June 2012 (UTC) aims to create a complimentary site for SGU fans to search and reference topics, and to make the SGU episodes as accessible as possible. There are lots of different ways to contribute, this page describes some of them.

If you have any ideas for fun things to include on the site, please let us know in the Community portal.


The most obvious way to help out is to transcribe an episode, or sections of an episode.

If you're new to transcribing, you might want to start off with a 5X5 episode, or a segment of an episode. The Help:Getting Started page gives information on setting up and editing pages.

We don't have any rules for transcribing, but we try to keep as true to the podcast as possible.

While you don't need to include all the fillers, such as "um", "er", "you know", it's generally a good idea to stick to what is actually said, and not to interpret the Rogues' dialogue. The way a person speaks is often very different to how you would read or write text, and can be very messy. However, with so many people contributing transcriptions, re-writing podcasts in a more 'readable' format would be heavily influenced by the writing style and interpretation of the transcriber, which would soon become impossible to monitor.

Whilst you're transcribing an episode, it might be a good idea to keep in mind other aspects of the transcription page. For example, when transcribing, it can be easy to note the times at which each segment begins and to make a note of the topic categories that are covered.


One of the main advantages of transcribing the SGU podcasts is for reference. By including time stamps at the beginning of each segment, you can revisit topics you're interested in, or point other people to the section, without going through the whole podcast (not that that's ever much of a chore).

Some transcriptions need time-stamps added to them, you can find a list of these pages here. Time-stamps are added in a small font in the section header, for example:

Appearance on page What you type

Science or Fiction (45:16)

== Science or Fiction <small>(45:16)</small> ==

Wiki Mark-up

Page skeletons

Episode skeleton


Episode infobox


- from show notes, general links (people, things, concepts, organisations)


Favorite Rogue Quotes


Using template

Template:Page categories

Template:5X5 categories

Section titles

Check 'what links here' for redirects

Propose titles

Make categorised redirects


Proof-reading etc.