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Thanks for your interest in helping out with the SGU transcript project!

As you probably know, there are over 350 full episodes of the SGU, and over 100 5x5 episodes, so we appreciate any and all of the help we get.

We want to make it clear that we welcome all contributions, regardless of whether you can tell the difference between Jay and Bob, don't have time to do all the formatting, or can only transcribe parts of episodes. We encourage everyone to contribute just as much or as little as they wish.

Please feel free to post questions in the Community portal

Help pages

  • Getting Started – covers the basics of creating and editing a page, and other useful info
  • Episode infobox – describes how to add input to the full episode infoboxes
  • 5X5 infobox – describes how to add input to the 5X5 episode infoboxes

Useful links