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This page lists all categories and sub-categories on

Content Categories

Content categories are used to identify the content of episode transcripts. It should be noted that none of these categories are mutually exclusive.


The following topic categories are based on those used in the Rogues Gallery at the NESS. This means that if we're unsure how to categorize items, we can see how they've done it, as they've probably blogged about the item in question.

Episode Features

Episode features apply to episode, but not topic, content, including regular segments of the show

Episode Pages

Category:Episode pages identifies groups of pages by characteristics such as type of episode (full or 5X5), and progress status. This is useful for admin purposes, and all following categories are Hidden categories.

Needs Attention

The category Needs attention includes 10 sub-categories that highlight missing page features. All of these, with the exception of Needs internal links, are applied via Template:Editing required or Template:5X5 editing required.