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{{FRQ entry
{{FRQ entry
|rogue    = Perry, Rebecca
|rogue    = Perry, Rebecca
|quote    = P: Ed and Lorraine Warren. I'll never forget when she looked at us with all the feeling in the world and she said, "what happened to you boys? Was it the science thing?"
|quote    = P: Ed and Lorraine Warren. I'll never forget when she looked at us with all the feeling in the world and she said, "What happened to you boys? Was it the science thing?"
''(all laughing)''
''(all laughing)''

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A celebration of the profound and humorous quotes from our friends at the SGU.

Links to episode pages go straight to the relevant podcast section, where available, but not to the quote itself.

Rogue Quote Category Episode
Bob We'll be hearing a lot about nanotubes. Technology 3
Steve Basically, nothing happens [during exorcisms]. Probably, and this is just a guess, probably because there aren't really demons. Demons are not real. Ghosts & Demons‏‎ 6
Evan, Perry, Steve E: So he thinks he's found the evidence. This wall that is off the coast of Cyprus under the water.

P: I'm convinced.

E: Yeah.

S: I'm silenced.

P: I will be forever silent on this topic.

E: There's nothing more to say.

Humor 9
Steve We need a new enlightenment. A second enlightenment. Science & Education 11
Steve So we hypothesized "Hey, there's some influence here. Maybe there's an eighth and then a ninth planet, and it should be roughly over there to account for the anomalies that we're seeing," and lo and behold, we found planets where we thought we would. So shouldn't astrologers have anomalous influences that they can't account for that would have led them to the predict the existence of maybe astronomical—at least something outside of the local stellar group? If a thousand years ago, astrologers were saying "Yeah, we got this pretty well figured out, but there's something going on here we can't figure out. Maybe there are objects that are really massive that are a lot farther away than the stars that we can see." Then, that would have been making a prediction that then was proven correct by later observation, something that science is really good at, but astrology never made any such predictions based upon that, because it's not based upon reality. New Age 18
Rebecca Jay: I have a question, what do you mean by retrovirus?

R: Means a virus from the '70s

Humor 67
Rebecca, Steve R: Baby, you put the dope in dopamine.

S: Something about moanin' for serotonin?

Humor 68
Perry Birds planning ahead? Absolutely, I mean, every time they see a monkey, they plan on getting their asses kicked. That's basically accurate. Nature & Evolution 83
Perry, Rebecca P: Ed and Lorraine Warren. I'll never forget when she looked at us with all the feeling in the world and she said, "What happened to you boys? Was it the science thing?"

(all laughing)

E: "Was it the science?"

P: She did! Remember that?

B: Oh, yeah.

R: Perry... Perry, show me on the doll where science touched you.

Humor 85
Susan Blackmore Now why do they come to the conclusion that there are psi phenomena when the massive science, the rest of science is against them? Well, it's possible because they found something, some peculiar, little quirk that's misbehaving in there, and one day we'll understand it and they'll be proved right. I think it more likely it is as it's always been in parapsychology, a mixture of bad statistics, bad experimental design, bad logical conclusions, a little bit of cheating, and an awful lot of self-deception. Paranormal 91
Perry Astrology is as vacuous as the space it worships. Pseudoscience ref. in 109
Perry And remember, chi spelled backwards is crap! Energy Healing ref. in 109
Perry Yeah, I mean, dolphins and monkeys basically could play chess together; those are brilliant animals. Nature & Evolution ref. in 109
Perry Any monkey worth his salt would give any bird a beak flip. Nature & Evolution ref. in 109
Perry I think the final thing to say on this intriguing topic is that the Bernoulli effect would certainly have no impact on our monkey-bird battle because the first move of the monkey is going to be to tear those wings right off. And Bernoulli will be right out the window with the wings. Next case. Nature & Evolution ref. in 109
Perry The amount of years that she [Rebecca] will live longer than us because of her diet is directly proportional to the horror of her life. Humor ref. in 109
Rebecca R: You know who pirates' favorite scientist is?

Steve: I can't wait to hear

R: Daarrrrwin!

Humor 165
Evan Jay: So Obama is a black lizard in the white house?

E: A blizzard.

Humor 338
Steve Mmmm. Dried tiger penis. Humor 362
Jay [regarding neon lights] So, Steve, are you saying that the electrons rock down to Electric Avenue, and then they take it higher? Technology 392
Rebecca I would just like to pause so I can briefly quote Steve for the record: "low-hanging fruit" – Steve referring to Einstein's theory of relativity. Physics & Mechanics 395
Steve He [Ken Ham] writes as if scientists and skeptics, we define ourselves by not believing him. We are secularists. Scientists are secularists. And we're doing this to rebel against God; and we're looking for aliens so that we can prove evolution, to finally stick it to those creationists. You know what, Ham? We don't care about you and your creationism. We don't think about it all the time. We love science, and we love exploring the universe, and evolution is true because of all the evidence for evolution. It's not all about sticking it in your eye. Religion & Faith 472
Steve I decided to start a podcast for my midlife crisis. Humor 473